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Researchers believe that injections of these cells could reverse damage caused by the degenerative brain disease - and ease some of its most distressing symptoms.

It is the first time that scientists have 'reprogrammed' ordinary skin cells into becoming stem cells using this technique - and then turned them into healthy brain cells.


The brain cells produced dopamine, the chemical lacking in people suffering form Parkinson's disease. Unlike previous attempts to create stem cells, the American team of researchers did not need to create and destroy human embryos.

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They were also able to make the cells free of anna kemp dating causing genes - a anna kemp dating problem with previous experiments. Although a human trial of the new treatment is several years away, the study is a major step forward to treating dating pittsburgh pa diseases.

Aroundpeople suffer form Parkinson's disease anna kemp dating Britain. The disease is caused by the loss of brain cells that produce dopamine - a chemical messenger which helps people perform smooth, coordinated movements. Without enough dopamine, victims have difficulties talking, walking, swallowing and writing.

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Symptoms include stiffness, shaking and slowness of movement. There is no cure, although drugs can be used to stimulate the production of dopamine.

Many scientists believe the best hope for a treatment lies in stem cells - 'master cells' that are capable of turning into any type of tissue in the body.

It used to be assumed that the best source of stem cells were newly created human embryos.

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However, their use is controversial because it leads to the death of the embryo. Two years ago, researchers used a cocktail of genes to wind back the 'biological clock' of ordinary skin cells from an adult - turning them into stem cells. However, the technique relied on viruses to carry genes into the cells.

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That dramatically increased the risk that the cells would be cancerous. The new approach developed at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research in Massachusetts, used a specially modified virus to insert the genes into the stem cell's DNA.

Once the new genes had done their work, the researchers inserted an enzyme into the cell that removed them anna kemp dating making the stem cell safe to use.

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In lab tests, the researchers were then able to turn the stem cells into dopamine-producing brain cells by exposing them to a cocktail of chemicals. It is the second time in a week that scientists have found a new technique for making stem cells.

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On Monday British and Canadian researchers announced a technique for turning skin cells into stem cells that did away with viruses altogether. Dr Rudolf Jaenisch, who took part in the experiment, said: 'Other labs have reprogrammed mouse cells and removed the reprogramming genes, but it was incredibly inefficient and they couldn't get it to work in human cells.

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We have done it much more efficiently, in human cells, and made reprogrammed gene-free cells. Reprogramming skin cells from adults to become stem cells is potentially very exciting.