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Blaine glee dating

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Don't rain on my parade! Noah, Finn, and Mike; blaine glee dating forgot your homework from last night!

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This is Will Schuester. He is the director of the "New Directions".

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He married to Emma Pillsbury. He is all the students' heroes.

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Rachel Berry is the main character of this show. She starts out where everyone hates her but they learn tot love her. She is meant to be with the love of her life, Finn, until he dies a tragic death.

Traducere "la McKinley" în engleză

Kurt Hummel Finn is all the kids from the later seasons' hero. He starts out dating head cheerleader, Quinn, until he breaks it off.

Am dat audiție pentru toți de la McKinley.

Then he starts dating Rachel. They end up getting engaged until he break up with her before she goes to New York in season 3. Artie Abrams I've been paralyzed since I was eight!

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She marries her best friend-Brittany-in season 6. At first she is a jerk, but she learns to be nicer. He is blaine glee dating of the original 6 in the glee club. He ends up marrying his soul mate-Blaine-in season 6.

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He has a double wedding with Brittany and Santana. In the beginning of the series he dates another student name Tina Cohen-Chang. Then in season 2 he dates Brittany.

Golden Globes 2011: Chris Colfer (Glee) wins for best performance by an actor in a supporting role

In season 5 he dates Kitty Wilde. He has been paralyzed since he was eight.

Am dat audiție pentru toți de la McKinley. I was auditioning for everyone at McKinley.

He was in a car crash.