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    As ofI have now officially lived a larger part of my life in Orbán's regime in Hungary, than outside of it. Democracy is in constant danger in the eastern borderlands of the EU. Poland and Hungary are destabilizing the democratic principles the European community was founded upon.

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    They are centralizing all power, judicial, legislative, executive in the hands of one single party. Democracy is very much in danger, but it seems this fact is rather overlooked.

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    From discriminating, unproportional electorate laws, through the suppression of the free and unbiased media, to political strongarming and corruption, the ruling parties of both Poland borderlands 2 random Hungary have done everything to ensure their own survival, and unchallenged power in their own states. The voices of the opposition seem to be unheard in the rest of Europe. Borderlands 2 random are doing everything we can.

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    We are trying to educate people about what living in a normal democracy is like, but our voices are silent compared to concentrated media power the government holds. The rule of law does not exist in Hungary.

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    It was replaced by the will of the government. The EU has brought attention to the deficits of democracy in my country, which I am thankful for, but it is not enough.

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    The EU could do more, and should do more. I believe in the strength of dating sabah EU. Now, I would like to see it exercised as well.