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And all this has been happening sincethe year this range was launched. IM, without reservations, puts you in front of a modern, simple, reliable and quality "writer" that dating ballpoint pen ink combines functionality with elegance, offering a special experience full of confidence and comfort in writing.

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Its modern shape is defined by classic straight, simple, well-contoured lines, which delight the eye from the first sight. In turn, your tactile senses are pampered by the quality finishes, full of finesse, luster and refinement that we find in IM. Every detail convinces us of the seriousness and professional approach of Parker when it comes to creating a new writing tool. After all, the "suppliers of the British royal house" do not just offer us a simple "writer".

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They put us in front of a "partner" full of personality with an almost unlimited potential to inspire, tempt and challenge us at the same time to transfer both our thoughts and creativity on paper through writing.

In the case of the IM range, the manufacturer focused on the total satisfaction of the user, using all the ingredients of a successful recipe accumulated in the over years of continuous experience in the worldwide production and distribution of luxury writing instruments.

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Due to the excellent price - quality - functionality - "stage presence" ratio, IM is an extremely appreciated product, being one of the undisputed favorites on the market.

Loved especially by the young generation, IM is at the top of sales and preferences, being rightly declared by many users as "the affordable gift that matters". Without reservations we would go further and say that IM is more than a a renunțat la speranța dating, it is a real piece of Parker's legacy, it is a Parker.

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The Royal range, launched in on the British market, represents the classic refreshed range with decorative elements, finishes and new packaging. Dating ballpoint pen ink steel clip plated with chrome Stainless steel cap chiseled with an astral pattern, coated with multiple layers of glossy blue lacquer.

Cumpara online in RATE fara dobanda intre 2 si 6 rate vezi detalii Description Launched inthe Jotter range has managed over time to set some enviable records. It is one of the longest-lived products from Parker and at the same time the best-selling product in the history of Parker. It is considered one of the most ergonomic pens in the world, combining in a perfect harmony the size-shape-weight ratio, doubled by an exceptional reliability of the mechanism. Because of this, it is in the top of consumers preferences, being extremely loved and appreciated by users. It can be said without reservation that Jotter is a legendary "writer", a true Parker icon, a timeless landmark of success for the exclusive supplier of writing instruments to the British royal house.

The cap is closed by pushing it in place Stainless steel body chiseled with an astral pattern, coated with multiple layers of glossy blue lacquer Brushed stainless steel grip, plated with chrome Stainless steel nib plated with chrome, with an iridium tip. The pen works with both cartridges and a converter Warranty Parker writing instruments have a 2 year warranty. The warranty is strictly for manufacture imperfections, in which case the writing instrument is changed or repaired.

The warranty does not apply for any damage caused by the owner, and the repair costs will not be covered.

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