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    And you spend so much time thinking "what I need to say because I don't know, it was so good and I don't have enough words.

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    Yeah, I'm kind of having this problem right now, because I don't know what to say about this book. This book was so good, so funny, so full of action and suspense, and the characters I liked so much dating blog bethany first one, but I think this one is better. The whole novel is action pact and you can't wait to see what happens next or who is gonna make something or say something, what secret is gonna be revealed.

    There are so many things happening that after I finished it I remained silent and thinking that this book is not so big, but it has so much in it. So many feelings and emotions and facts and I won't talk about the action part, because I don;t want to spoil anyone, but it was amazing. Guys, you have to read this dating blog bethany, this series, if you haven't started yet.

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    This book is so well written, everything seems real, natural, the characters are so human, and Sophie is, I think, one of my favorite characters. Is a book that you read and enjoy even when is nothing happening and they are just dating blog bethany or having fun, and they make you laugh or smile.

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    Is hard for a book to make you feel like this, but this is like that. I really want that many people read this and enjoy, because is a nice read, light, fun, graficul natal serious, full of action, good shaped characters, the whole story is like a spider web and it make you want more.

    And I want the next book, but I have to wait So, guys, I really, really enjoyed the book, for the whole fun part, but even more for the action part.

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    And in this book we meet new characters too, which is great. And we find out more about the other characters, things that I couldn't imagine.

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    And the ending Read it!