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    No additional references regarding the date and place of discovery were found. Therefore, their provenance is uncertain. The large reddish brown ceramic containers present a coarse ware.

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    Their surface is covered by enamel. The containers have a squared section, with rounded edges and no handles.

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    Inside thread finishes are visible on the short neck of the containers. The body of one of the containers is slightly deformed and presents three metal circles.

    Cu amabilitate prin licitatie de Morphy Auctions Moorcroft este un tip de obiecte din ceramica engleza care pot fi date destul de usor folosind marcaje. Aflați dating ceramică multe despre când au fost folosite diferite timbre Moorcroft și ce înseamnă acestea. Un pic de istorie a lui Moorcroft William Moorcroft si-a fondat propria companie de ceramica in Burslem, Staffordshire, Anglia începând dinîn conformitate cu Antichitățile și colecțiile Warman editate de Noah Fleisher. Chiar dacă Moorcroft lucra într-un studio oferit de Macintyre, el a semnat, de asemenea, piesele lui Florian Ware făcute acolo cu propriul nume sau inițiale.

    Both containers have a seal dating ceramică oval plates on their shoulders. One of the seals is unintelligible and placed within a small plate which is usually designated for the production year. The inscription reveals the name of the manufacturer and the place where the product was made.

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    The storage and transport of sulphuric acid required high quantities of ceramic containers. At the beginning, the ceramic containers were imported from Waldenburg. In order to reduce the costs of production, due to the import of the containers, Starck dating ceramică established his own factory in and hired potters from Bohemia and Waldenburg.

    The ceramic containers presented in the current study dating from the XIXth century were used for the storage and transport of vitriol produced by Johan David Starck.