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Now, the internet is buzzing with information about the car company's newest technology, AirTouch, that will be demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month. And according to sourcesthe technology will be added to the new BMW i8 Spyder concept.

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Scroll down for video This year, BMW added Gesture Control to its latest 7-Series luxury sedan, which allowed drivers to swipe and slide fingers in front of the screen to execute commands. Sensors are installed in the area of the dashboard which responds to hand movements here and allows for three-dimensional control.

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A movement of the hand or a gesture activates the surfaces on the large panorama display. There is also a concealed button located on the rim of the steering wheel, which is on the left side and easy to reach with your thumb.

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It will light up when a menu or I can be activated. The passenger also has a similar button positioned on the side sill in the door area. Advertisement According to BMW, AirTouch allows the display in a vehicle to be operated like a touchscreen dating company windsor the driver making contact with the surface.

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AirTouch uses sensors that are placed just above the dash and are also lined throughout the interior, which monitor both the drivers and passengers hand movements.