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A skincare routine without a moisturizer does not make for a happy complexion.

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They say everyone has a type. And if you compare the quest for the right moisturizer to the search for a life partner—just go with us here—you're looking at five typical checkboxes: Normal, Oily, Dry, Combination and Acne-Prone.

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For example, how do you narrow the playing field when anti-aging benefits, SPF and day vs. It was this question that inspired Estée Stories to take on the role of moisturizer matchmaker. Shiny skin longs for soothing, oil-controlling hydration that'll shrink the look of pores and leave a fresh, matte finish.

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Unfortunately, for some women, that also includes greasy skin. Fortunately, everyone—and especially the oily among us—can take heart: DayWear Matte controls oil and minimizes shine for up to 8 hours, while giving skin the healthy hydration it needs. Consider it your knight in non-shining armor.

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Your Profile First-time ager looking for my better half to keep dating detox blog, dryness and fine lines in check. I don't wanna grow up Without dating detox blog, free radicals chip away at our skin, leaving it more vulnerable to signs of premature aging.

The nourishing creme bathes skin in a blend of skin-quenching hydrators to boot.

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Your Profile Dry, aging skin looking for near-instant gratification in the form of plumped lines, extra radiance and a younger look. Let's move fast!

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While most skincare regimens take time to kick in and show results, Advanced Time Zoneis proven to help skin look younger in just 5 days. Choose your favorite among a creme and a hydrating gel option, an oil-free version and a formula specifically for night. Your Profile Sagging skin in search of a lift. If you're a creme that contours and smooths the look of lines and wrinkles, let's get in touch.

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With Resilience Lift, you get it all: a more lifted, sculpted, smoother look, a firmer, more supple feeling and a vibrant radiance. The textures—there are a few to choose from, including oil-free and with or without SPF, depending on your preference—are seriously rich but never cloying.

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Opt in for the Night Creme and you'll end up with a hour system proven to reveal a significantly more lifted look. Your Profile Lackluster skin seeks multi-action creme to help with everything from lines and wrinkles to loss of firmness.

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All that, plus it deeply nourishes, restores radiance and works in just two weeks to help skin look and feel firmer. Shop the Story.

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