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    Recomandă Integrează Nu este disponibil în limba: Română Acest produs nu este disponibil în limba ta locală.

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    Te rugăm să consulți lista de mai jos cu limbile în care jocul este disponibil înainte de achiziționare Conținut care poate fi descărcat Acest conținut necesită jocul de bază Train Simulator pe Steam pentru a putea fi dating evenimente nottingham.

    Despre acest conținut Historic freight operations, spanning the plentiful collieries and challenging grades of Nottingham, and a plethora of iconic steam locomotives are ready for your command in this add-on for Train Simulator! At Colwick, near the small town of Netherfield and the original western end of the line, several sidings were constructed to allow inbound goods to be transported by horse and cart into the city of Nottingham, as the Midland Railway was outright refusing to let freight traffic pass through their station.

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    Since the original Ambergate line reached the outskirts of Nottingham, any further passage towards the city was through running rights. As the GNR sought to introduce their own coal traffic, the Midland Railway saw fit to significantly increase the cost of the rights to be prohibitively expensive.

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    In return, the GNR decided instead to build their own infrastructure, it would be cheaper. The first GNR shed at Colwick was completed byand once the entire line was complete, it did not take long for tons upon tons of coal to start rolling in dating evenimente nottingham the north, and the sidings, depots and collieries all saw massive expansion in the following years.

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    The GNR, and the Midland, were not the only railways to pass through this area, the Great Central Railway was also a keen contender in the coal vizualizări hinduse dating, shuttling between the yards of Annesley and Woodford Halse south of Rugbyupwards of 40 times a day!

    Of course nothing lasts forever, as was the case especially for the steam era and Nottingham Victoria station; a gradual decline of coal traffic and the streamline of the British railway network would soon see many lines fall silent, and the dating evenimente nottingham operations of Nottinghamshire would be allocated to history.

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    The bustling network of Nottingham features authentic experiences and challenging operations behind classic British traction: Included Dating evenimente nottingham.