Plant Myths And Traditions In India

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When Sita was abandoned by La forest at the command of Rama, Sita s sorrow stirred the J plants, and along with animals and birds, they too expressed their gnef by shedding flowers like large drops of tears. When Aja laments for Indumati, the prince cannot refrain from mentioning with a pang the yet unfulfilled marriage of the two trees that the queen had bi ought up so lovingly in the hope of getting them married. This dea o gemng dating spots în mysore paired in marriage bespeaks dating spots în mysore almost human way n wh h they were treated.

The creeper entwining the tree, spoken of by poets as tiie beloved clinging to her lord, is a poetic expression of this plants, treated almost in human form.

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Siva is himself conceived as a yupa post fashioned in Khadira or Sami wood. Sami has fire inside it. Rudra is also the embodiment of fire.

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Poets love to use the word Sthanu for Siva and Aparna lit. Oshadhisor medicinal plants respond to the light of the moon as effectively as tne humans in their joy for moonlight. In the Vedic hymns the oshadhis have been conceived as sentient and in the Puranas the vanadevatas are described as lovable sylvan deities. The simple faith of the Cheta in the Mrichchhakatika assumes that the watchful eye of dating spots în mysore vanadevata s as effective as that of the sun and moon that are witnesses of the good and bad deeds of people on earth.

This is a primitive belief that accounts toi a true and honest life in the simple and unsophisticated folk of nearly years ago.

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Shakti M. Gupta has to be thanked for writing a delightful book on plant myths and traditions in India, describing individual plants with their scientific nomenclature and the myths and stories associated dating spots în mysore each one of them as well as usage and traditions peculiar to them. This is a book of immense interest and I am sure it will be welcomed by all those who desire to know the Indian outlook on life in general and on the vegetable kingdom in particular, as an exceedingly important group among sentient objects that won the hearts of their human neighbours.

The Dohada, the Vnksharopa, the Pratishta of the Pipal tree, The worship of the ChaUyavnksha and other similar beliefs make it essential that the psychological approach towards plants in India should be studied in books like this. I am glad that Dr. She is al o hankfu to Shri. K Mohan retd. The publishers E. Brill, Leiden, The Netherlands, who published the first edition are also thanked for giving permission to bring out a revised edition.

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Erythrina variegata, trifoliate leaves of Mandara tree. Saraca asoca, vrikshika dating spots în mysore the Asoka tree, c. Ficus religiosa, Aswattha, c. Zizyphus mauritiana, Nara-Narayana under the Badari tree, c. Ficus benghalensis, elephants worshipping the Bodhi tree Nyagrodha, c.

Ocimum sanctum, Tulasi mandapam, Tulasi plant being worshipped, pie, Tamil Nadu. Bodhgaya, Bihar. Terminalia arjuna, Krishna uprooting the Arjuna trees mat were actually Mangriva and Nala-Kubara cursed to become Arjuna trees, 5. Ficus religiosa Aswattha and Azadirachta indica Neem growing eighth cent, AD, Madhukesvara temple, Mukhalingam, Andhra 4 together, with snake stones on a platform under the trees. Aegle marmelos, Bilva tree with fruit and introvert dating online on a branch.

Shashidhara Holla

Aegle marmelos, stylised Bilva tree with a hunter sitting on the tree and the kill under it, Atmanadasana temple, Tamil Nadu. Anthocephalus cadamba, branch of the Kadamba tree with leaves and fruits. Anthocephalus oshkosh speed​​ dating, worship of the Kadamba tree, c.

Coconut tree with fruit on it.

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Ficus glomerata, Udumbara, c. Ficus benghalensis, Nyagrodha Sthalavriksha, Tamil Nadu. Mango leaves festooned on the doorway of the Srishailam temple, c. Mangifera indica, Ganesa sitting under the mango tree, c.

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Nelumbo nucifera, Lotus freeze, c. Piper betle, the Betel Vine. Pandanus odorattismus, Ketaki plant with cones.

Gapol - Ro Gapol Theory

N o doubt to start with, he hunted for food mainly I by killing the wild animals, but if there was anything on which he could depend with any confidence towards its availability, it was the plant Not only the fact that a large number of plants provided him with food but also the fact that they provided him with curative medicine and shelter, were perhaps the reasons why he worshipped them more than the animals which also gave him food.

Dating spots în mysore reason for a large number of plants not having any commercial use and still associated with myths and traditions are difficult to undeistand. The only explanation for their association with religious beliefs can be that these plants, perhaps because of their resemblance to the emblem of a particular deity or the name of a sage associated with them, made the plants sacred.

For this reason alone a large number of plants are considered sacred in India, and are called the Bodhi trees as certain sages received enlightenment under them. The availability of a plant can be another reason for its traditional use.

Yet there again reasons defy explanation. Rice for instance is a fertility symbol.

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Its use at religious and marriage ceremonies can be understood in areas where rice is available in plenty. But what defies understanding is the fact that rice is used for the same reason and purpose even in areas where it is not cultivated. The only explanation for such a cult can be that when the migration of the human race from one corner of the earth to another took place, men took their traditions with them even when those plants were not easily available and often had to be procured from great distance.

The conservation of plants by worshipping them was very likely an important factor in making them sacred. For instance a plant called Dodheri by the Santhals of India is highly valued as its root is given in sickness attributed to witchcraft or the dbn dating site eve Similarly the nomadic tribes of Rajasthan tie, the leaves of Bilatisii to the neck of small children as an amulet to ward off the evil eye.

Among the Oriyan tribe Saoras, an amulet made of bits of the bark of Pindara is used as protection against Danunkisum, dating spots în mysore a necklace made out of its bark, to protect the nursing mother.

Similarly the plant Tridhara is supposed to possess power of warding off lightning strokes.

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Amalaka is a tree sacred to the Hindus and credited with magical properties by the tribesmen. Seeds of Harmala are burnt to drive away evil spirits or to avert the evil eye.

The smoke emanating from the burning seeds cleanses the atmosphere of mosquitoes and germs. Prisniparni is used as a protection against sorcerers indulging in bringing about abortion 1 These like Bhela, Tendu and Nirgundi are believed to have maeical potency and the branches of these trees are used by the Oroan tribes of India to avert the dating spots în mysore eye, repel evil spirits and other evil influences from standing crops. Aparmarga is used in witchcraft against Kshatriyas and for medical purposes.

In the Atharvaveda it is described as revertive because it wards off a spell by causing dating spots în mysore to recoil on its user.

Plant Myths And Traditions In India

Though generally speaking the identity of plants with the deities belonged to the tradition of Aryan migration, such as the association of the Soma plant with the moon, a large number of plants that are assodated with the deities belong to the traditional flora of India such as the association of Tulasi and Amalaka with Vishnu; Bilva with Siva and SriLakshmi with the lotus. In such cases the association of the plant with the deities would be pre-Aryan.

The merit of planting trees is given in many ancient texts. In Matsya Purana?

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To this Parvati replied: "A Vapi is equal in fruit to 10 wells, a pond to 10 Vapis, a son to 10 ponds and a tree is equal in merit to 10 sons. To the Hindus all plants having the trifoliate arrangement of their Varuna, are associated with the Trimurti: Brahma, Vishnu, leaves are offered to all the three gods. Leaves of Bilva and Mandara also have trifoliate leaf arrangement but are offered to Siva only, the leaves being associated with the trident.


A p a r t f r 0 m the above associations, a large number of other plants are a l s o considered auspicious and their flowers are dating spots în mysore at temples or t h e i r w o o d u s e d for the sacred fire ceremony homa. The flowers of Aparajit are used m religious ceremonies. Flowers for offering to Kali and Hanuman arejapa. Incidenis also a favourite one for incantations in evil designs. Siva is also offered flowers of Dhatura.

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Flowers of Sehund or S l j a r e s a c r e d for Manasa, the snake goddess and offered at her temples b y t h e tribal and hill people where snake worship is prevalent, particularly i n Bengal and South India. The leaves of the Neem tree are used in the feast connected with the last rites of death by certain tribes of Onssa. The inflorescence of Khadira is used in ceremonies on auspicious occasions like marriages in South India and Gujarat. Kusa ghas is held sacred by the Hindus all over India.

The odorous roots of Dhufj 1S used as incense and its flowers are offered at shrines dating spots în mysore temples. The sweet scented flowers of Daphne bholua as well as of Guma are offered at dating blogul dominica. The scented wood of Chandana or sandalwood is extensively leaves like s h i v a a n d its I.