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Durg dating 04 Dec Anyone who does business whether a small or big and have online presence they must have been hearing these jargon.

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These are pillars of any online business. But pg pro dating you know how it affects the online presence of your business and whats the difference between all of them.

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So, lets get on the board. What is SEM? SEM stands for Search engine marketing.

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It is a marketing process through which a business getting visibility on the internet through paid advertisement or organic reach SEO. Paid advertising simply means buying advertising space in the search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, You tube Yes, YouTube is a search engine etc, It means your are paying money to the search engine for showing your business durg dating to the people on the basis of certain keywords which are associated with your product, services or durg dating.

SEM traffic is the most important internet traffic because of how targeted and specific it is and likely to be converted into high-quality lead. What is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization.

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It is the organic or free traffic you receive by gaining rank on a search engine. It is a technique where a business improves their website rank organically and naturally. SEO is considered to be very important because it durg dating a powerful way to drive long lasting traffic in your website.

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SMO stands for Search media optimization. It is basically related with social media channels and optimizing it. SMO is a technique through which a business promotes their product, service or itself through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. SMO is very important because it durg dating to build awareness and trust for the business which ultimately drive the traffic and can be durg dating into high quality leads further.

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