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There are different servers. If you are invited to play by your friends, make sure to ask them where their server is located.

After registering an account, your account is locked to the server where the region is and there is no other way to reverse or change the region. If you've already registered and linked your account to steam, your best option is to make a new account.

KOG Games. The game was released in by the studio KOG Games.

They've release other games which you might know such as Grand Chase, and Kurtzpel. Leveling your character is fast. After recent changes, the XP requirement to reach max level has been reduced, making leveling easier and faster.

The game comes with an overleveling system where you can still level up your character with bonus levels which you can use to optimize stats after hitting the level cap.

Elsword Celebrates Biggest Milestone with Its 10th Anniversary!

The system is called El Resonance Level, each level grants you a point which you can use elsword pvp level up perks. Due to elsword pvp speed of the leveling, many players choose to level different characters to try them out before fully committing to one character. Its Free! The best thing about Elsword is that it's free! While some of the players may argue that the game is totally pay to win, which is not entirely false, there are many items and features that pay to win players can get elsword pvp free to play players can also unlock and obtain with extra effort and time.

While paying for items in the game does have a significant advantage over free players, at the end game, all of the players end up with the same gear and abilities. Since the game is free, why not try to experience this beautiful world for yourself?

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Decent Story. The characters in Elsword are to die for!

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Each character in Elsword has their own backstory and lore making the game not only fun through gameplay but allows players to connect with the characters and immerse themselves into the world of Elrios. Friendly and Helpful Community.

Elsword se caracterizează la lansare prin au trei clase cu maximum șase care vor fi adăugate pe măsură ce trece timpul, iar dezvoltatorii pot extinde elsword pvp care îl pot descărca. În țara noastră nu este disponibil, dar la sfârșitul postării împărtășesc APK-ul, astfel încât să vă puteți bucura de el și să vă începeți călătoria prin lumea acestui joc video creat de Kunlun Games.

Elsword has their own official Discord server which is full of helpful moderators and players that wants to share knowledge or lend a hand to adventurers in need. Guilds are also encouraged to help out newer players as it is one of their requirements.

Overall, Elsword is a game where players are given incentives to help out one another.

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If you need help, you only need to ask for it. Elsword pvp Potential.

Elsword: Evolution este un excelent anime MMORPG 2D cu lupte extraordinare și multe posibilități

Each character has their own elsword pvp strengths that only they possess and every character has the potential to outclass the other classes. Elsword has no cap on how strong a character can get, mainly through it's enhancement system which in my opinion needs some reworking and as mentioned before, the overlevelling system. The damage difference between using wrong skills and combos can result in millions of damage difference which makes it important for you to know when and where to use the right skills at the right time.

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In Elsword there's always a reason to keep trying because you know you can get better and stronger. Catchy Gameplay.

I've tried Closers and Soulworkers, and yes, their graphics are much better than Elsword as they came out later, but they don't elsword pvp me the same satisfying feeling of a sidescroller that Elsword gives when it comes to combat-style and graphics of spells. It's just ecstatic to see the level elsword pvp destruction of a single key on your keyboard can do in the game.

These are completely subjective and based off my personal opinions. Talented Artists The art team of Elsword did an amazing job on the design of elsword pvp and the setting.

Not only is art beautiful in Elsword but also the music. There are some days where I would elsword pvp log in Elsword just to listen to the peaceful music while studying and doing homework.

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Elsword sometimes host events for artists on their Discord and social media platforms to invite the community to submit their drawings of elsword pvp game for a chance to elsword pvp a reward.

The engine and graphics of the game may be old but their love for art is still top notch! No Elsword pvp Customization In Elsword, there is no character customization apart from costumes appearance-wise.

If you're a player that loves character customization and skill-builds, Elsword is probably not for you since each character has their own set roles and spells. You shouldn't play Elsword elsword pvp you hate grinding Elsword's end game contents can only unlocked by reaching a specific combat power requirement.

And to reach the combat power requirement, you need to grind for El Resonance Levels, money, and a chance to get items. If you are elsword pvp free to play player, be prepared to grind for days and months to get stronger before you can equip yourself enough to enter end game dungeons.

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The bad thing about grinding is, the game can get repetitive and players can lose interest since there are not a lot of places you can choose to grind as some dungeons just give better rewards than the others. Too dependent on luck.

The game is too reliant on good rolls and randomization to become strong.

  1. The Anniversary runs through May 1st to May 4th and features special events and prizes to celebrate this significant milestone.
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If you're not in the mood to spend money or patient enough to grind and get stronger, Elsword is probably not for you. Elsword is one of those games where you can spend money and not get the value you paid for. Pay to Win players have a massive advantage over free to win players as they can make tons of ingame money or have more chances at rolling the best stats.

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Summary Even though the game is old and there are better MMORPGs out there, I still find myself coming back to Elsword because it really is a unique game that no other game can replace. Gameplay wise, it is decent for a free game but elsword pvp will need to pay for some features 7search dating you truly want to play the game since some important features cannot be purchased with in-game money and some are too expensive to buy on the market.

The game is heavily reliant sfaturi pentru întâlnirea unui bărbat australian your luck and your wallet, if you elsword pvp neither be prepared to spend your summer holidays grinding. Overall I still think Elsword is a beautiful game and you should try it out since it's free.

I've spent many hours in the game and the game has provided me with a lot of happiness and fun experience with friends. If you're playing alone, don't be scared because you'll meet new friends along the way. If this review has been helpful to you in anyway please leave an upvote or a comment!