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Как они этого сразу не заметили. Северная Дакота - вовсе не отсылка к названию американского штата, это соль, которой он посыпал их раны. Он даже предупредил АНБ, подбросив ключ, что NDAKOTA - он. Это имя так просто превращается в Танкадо.

It is a seaport and is at the head of the Gulf of Aqaba, a gulf of the Red Sea. Famous historically for being raided by T. Lawrence during the Arab Revolt, the town is now a popular resort and diving location. We arrived in the city late evening, and checked into the lovely Golden Tulip. It is a three star hotel, comfortable with air-con and a pool — definitely a bit of a step up from the places we had been staying at!

We rested after the drive from Petra and decided to walk around and look for some food. We stumbled upon a nice little pizzeria a few blocks away from the hotel and decided to get pizza, mint tea and Gelati for dessert. Dinner was delicious and great value.

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It was a warm, balmy jordanian dating site but we were pretty tired and decided to wander back to hotel, stopping by the bottle shop next door. Apparently, Aqaba is much more lenient with alcohol in comparison to the rest of the Kingdom. Red Sea The following morning we decided we would do a bit of snorkelling in the Red Sea. After stopping by a local shopping centre to buy sunscreen and some sheets for camping in Wadi Rumwe followed the Lonely Planet suggestions and went to a resort called Royal Diving Club on the southern coast, almost bordering on Saudi Arabia.

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On the way there, driving down the coast of Red Sea, it was jordanian dating site not to notice how blue the Red Sea is. The deepest bluest sea I have every seen! We reached the resort and the staff there promised excellent coral reefs nearby and vast marine life within the Red Sea Marine Peace Park — and they were right. We spent a good part of the day snorkelling and enjoying the beautiful underwater views.

Travis had brought his underwater camera cover so we got a few underwater shots as well.

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It was a bit of an expensive jordanian dating site entry fee to get into the resort — 15 JD each and another 15 JD each for equipment hire but jordanian dating site definitely worth it! Whilst the resort was targeted for western tourists, and many girls wore bikinis, I did see an Arabic lady wearing a full body swimsuit which was a first for me! On our way back to Aqaba we stopped for a bite at the Ali Baba Restaurant which offered a plentiful range of meze, we had some grilled fish, Baba Ghanoush, olive salad and chips.

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Wadi Rum We decided to head back towards Wadi Rum for the afternoon and to spend the night there. Jordanian dating site the dating online email email ticket collector who advised standard accommodation rates were 25 JD per person for the night, including dinner and breakfast the most we were to spend in Jordan!

Wadi Rum is famous for being the dessert which T. Lawrence journeyed through during the revolt. It is the largest wadi valley in Jordan and travellers often go there for hiking, rock climbing or just to experience the nomadic life of the Bedouin and the beautiful vastness of the dessert.

Romanian: The forgotten Romance language

Given we were in Wadi Rum during the hottest part of summer, we planned we would be there from mid afternoon to the following morning. Our 4WD trip there was, well, scary.

The 4WD was basically a two-seater in the enclosed area, and the ute-like back with two rows of seats on either edge, was where we were seated — unbelted and just holding on for dear life.

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When we arrived at the camp it was already near sunset. We noticed many couples perched romantically on high rocks, clinging onto each others hands and waiting for the sun to set.

The driver introduced us to the guys that run the camp, two Bedouin brothers who suggested we find a jordanian dating site spot to watch the sunset… So we wandered around the camp area.

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Naturally, Travis wanted to climb the highest rock and I was quite happy with the mid-level cliffs. The desert was so quiet, not a building in site, just one or two Bedouin camps in the distant.

Very vast, very orange. After the sunset it was still quite bright, we explored a little bit more before heading back to our tent to get ready for dinner. Our tent, by the way, was huge not like our Nullarbor two-person tent! Dinner was in a communal tent, decorated beautifully, Bedouin-style.

There were about eight low tables for each of the parties and cushions around each tables decorated with Kilim-like cloths and candles. It was very cosy. While simple, the food was delicious, probably one of the nicest meals we had in Jordan… chicken, rice, salads.

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After dinner, Travis and I decided to have a bit of a walk. The whole area was lit up with stars. It was completely beautiful.

Romanian: The forgotten Romance language | Unravel Magazine

We walked, talked. Would have been nice to sleep outside!

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The next morning, we were woken up by the giggles of the French children in the tent… so we woke up and had breakfast with everyone else. We were the only travellers from an English speaking country it seemed as everyone was chattering away in their own languages, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Arabic.

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While not as famous as Wadi Rum, it seemed very vast and uninhabited. It was a long drive with very few towns along the way.

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We stopped at a rest house for some Turkish jordanian dating site where I remember getting inquisitively stared at by some local kids. As we drove on we jordanian dating site saw a vast expanse of light blue which was our first sighting of the famous salty Dead Sea. As a little girl I remember learning about the bizarre stories of Lot, his wife and his daughters and so was excited about checking out this biblical site seduction, incest, what else could invoke such curiosity?!

Our GPS took us around in circles for a while through a small town but we eventually found it with the help of the LP.