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  • O schiță despre un antrenor de baschet disciplinat, dar excesiv de supărat în ciuda numelui său, deși încearcă să fie cât se poate de calminterpretat de Michael V.
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Who can know for sure. It's a fucking mess. With this wip I have a close to justifiable excuse in that I lino cayetano dating to write without knowing the canon, and reading through all the canon that's relevant is A Task.

Written because a Merlin fic I read ended on a horror style cliffhanger and I couldn't handle it so I charged my way through the first 2k of a sequel and I've been adding to it ever since. Angst with a hopefully happy ending, if I ever frikking finish it.

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I have an index of all the curses ready, the problem with this one is the plot and the story. Convincing the young man to go back home to his loving father might prove more of a challenge than she thinks however. Includes, Alfred raised 5 boys counting Bruce, he's not sure how to handle a little girl and Bruce trying to dad plus Steph trying her best.

Would be a lot easier to write if I was any good at comedy. Not only are Bruce and Dick away, Alfred's on holiday in England!

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Which is why Jason as the eldest has been unwillingly nominated by his younger siblings to deal lino cayetano dating the situation at hand. Martha and Thomas in this are heavily inspired by unpretty's amazing portrayals in her fics with them. Then he found out he was lino cayetano dating with the Alien Warrior Queen bent on declaring war on planet Earth if the Justice League didn't find her soulmate for her.

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  • LET Board Exam Result September Passers-Secondary Level (A-C)
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Things with his friend, team mate and potential future sister in law Kori just got super awkward and the only good thing he can find about this situation is how angry and protective? But maybe he's just imagining that Bruce seems over the whole thing.

Side note: Kommand'r freaked out during the years Jason was 'dead' and accidentally brought peace to a huge chunk of space and intergalactic society via building up her empire after throwing herself into work to escape the grief.

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Can he save his friend in time to save them all? Snapshots of Tony working hard for the avengers and no one noticing. Civil War Team Iron Man. Au where the war with Thanos goes very differently.

lino cayetano dating

The type of fic that needs like 5 multi chapter fics in a single series to truly shine, hence why I will likely never finish it. It's not that he begrudges his little brother his resurrection, the opposite, but he can't ignore what Bruce did to him by taking him to the magdala valley and he can't ignore what Bruce doing for Damian what he didn't do for him, do for Dick, do for any of them besides the blood related one means.

So he decides to go back to the only person who ever seemed to understand why he wanted to avenge himself in the first place, the only person who seemed to agree that he had a right to be angry that he'd died at all, the only person lino cayetano dating can trust to hold him together while he feels like he's falling apart that won't judge him against the heroic mold while they're at it.

lino cayetano dating

Not sure if this will be a oneshot or a series but we're going good Talia with this one regardless, DC's been ruining her lately but through fanfic all things are possible so fuck them. The only problem is, that a few weeks ago nu ne întâlnim cămăși sacrificed half his soul to protect the world. It aches inside where he knows something important used to be.

When everyone he cares for is avoiding him and he's starting to feel more like a shadow than a person, that aches at him too and he can't help but wish, quietly, privately, painfully, to himself if no one else that things were different, that he wasn't so broken or so alone.

lino cayetano dating

But if wishes were fishes they'd fill a whole sea just be careful not to whisper them within the lino cayetano dating range of the Hōgyoku. First of all the reason Jason was able to kidnap him was because Stephanie of all people was his insider, why would she support someone Batman knows she's only met once.

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And second of all the reason he's been abducted - So that Jason can drug them both with the same substance. And when Bruce asks what he's doing this for Jason only responds, "We don't trust each other enough to have a truthful conversation otherwise" and refuses to say anything more while they wait for it to kick in.

lino cayetano dating

What will be revealed by this forced honest encounter on both sides? Harry gets dosed with a potion that's supposed to reinforce your strongest survival instinct, the person who drugged him might've intended to be helpful but said potion happened to be at extra strength and he was given what would be a normal fix for the regular version but for this one is twice the recommended amount. The biggest problem about all this - beyond his internationally wanted godfather Sirius endangering himself by hiding out in a cave near Hogsmeade against all rational advice, his best friend Ron hating him, everyone in school besides his other best friend Hermione also hating him or avoiding him and the entire Goblet of Fire lino cayetano dating - is that he can't bring himself to trust anyone enough to tell them what's wrong.

And as he's currently in space he's also unaware that everyone on Earth thinks he's dead because why wouldn't they? That makes this fic super tough to write because like ultimate unreliable narrator right here and not sure how to tie in the whole 'oh wait actually everyone on Earth thinks I'm dead because of the canon timelines' thing in or at what point of the story to do that at.

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The fuckery of it all gives me a headache. Plot is hard.

Also all of that's basically background to the actual focus of most of the fic thus far which is Tony travelling around space in an Iron Man suit up until the point where it won't be background. When you put magic restraining cuffs on Magic himself you don't just bind him you bind all magic the world over. It is therefore, infinitely lucky that Uther Pendragon never became aware of this fact.