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One of the traditions of NATO is that even though every view has been expressed, it hasn't been expressed by everyone. Everybody has to have their say, but the process works.

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And I don't think that even adding a few more members from among the candidates will make it any more difficult to reach decisions. What do you think NATO learned in the period you were away? Some of the lessons produced the capabilities that proved to be essential locul de dating din asia în america the success of the operation.

Countries like Denmark, who didn't participate in a serious way in the Kosovo operation, used the intervening period to invest in the munitions for their fighter planes so that we were able to see the smaller and edium-sized allies take the lead in the strike mission, rather than relying on the US to do 95 per cent of the job as it did in Kosovo.

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  3. Если АНБ в состоянии вывести пять риолитовых спутников на геостационарную орбиту над Ближним Востоком, то, мне кажется, легко предположить, что у нас достаточно средств, чтобы подкупить несколько испанских полицейских.

Do you feel that NATO has modernised enough? We may look old and shabby in terms of our HQ, but we are very up-to-date in terms of our mission and our capabilities and the political role that we can play in bringing countries together to deal with common problems.

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So, I'm not yet a tweeter, but the Secretary General will tell me to set up a Twitter account pretty soon and But I think there is a lot of ways that we can connect more directly to our audience and give a more up-to-date image to the Alliance. You are an expert in Russian studies. How did you become interested in the country?

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I grew up as a child of the Cold War. I think one of the first experiences that I remember, was watching the evening news during the Cuban missile crisis, when my parents started running Walter Cronkite during dinner. And so, the confrontation with the Soviet Union was a formative factor for me, and it led me in fact to pursue International Relations and Russian studies in college and university.

Istoria teoriei[ modificare modificare sursă ] Odată cu dezvoltarea antropologiei în secolul al XIX-lea, dezacorduri au apărut între oamenii de știință cu privire la diferitele teorii referitoare la evoluția umană. În timp ce unii dintre aceștia, cum ar fi Johann Friedrich Blumenbach și James Cowles Pritchard, apreciau că diferitele rase umane sunt varietăți ce au o ascendență comună, adversarii lor, cum ar fi Louis Agassiz și Josiah C. Nott, susțineau poligenismul, fie ca o dezvoltare separată a raselor umane ca specii diferite, fie ca o dezvoltare de specii distincte prin evoluția unor specii de maimuțe, fără nici un strămoș comun. Charles Darwin a fost printre primii care a propus o descendență comună a organismelor vii și care a sugerat că toți oamenii au strămoși comuni care au trăit în Africa. În cartea Descendența Omului Descent of Manel a emis ipoteza că oamenii se trag din maimuțe ce aveau încă un creier mic, dar care se deplasau în poziție verticală, eliberându-și astfel mâinile pentru utilizări ce au favorizat dezvoltarea inteligenței.

No one in those days could imagine that the Berlin wall would come down and that emailuri bune de dating whole nature of European security would change.

What lessons did you take from your experience of dealing with Bosnia in the s? I was involved in Bosnia both here at NATO in the early '90s and then in Washington, when the locul de dating din asia în america action was taken that led to the Dayton Accords.

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And then I was here again as ambassador in the lead-up to and the actual conduct of the campaign in Kosovo. Those were, I think, cases where the Alliance took longer to get its act together, and may have hesitated to grasp the nettle and act, but in the end achieved success.

And I think that created a sense of confidence that NATO could address problems on its periphery - which were of more political or humanitarian character - and get the job done effectively and contribute to European and regional security.

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So I think it was that experience that made it easier to get the rapid decisions that we needed in Libya. You have got to be patient, steady, stick with the mission, continue to day by day carry out the mission.

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And, ultimately, you will succeed. Remember, it was 78 days for Kosovo. People thought it was going on forever.

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Libya took a little longer, but, in historical terms, it was a pretty quick and effective operation. You spent time in South Korea. How key do you see the US' pivot to Asia?

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But there's a real, ever-present danger to South Korea posed by the military capabilities and the aggressive ideology of the North. So we have to remember that some old threats haven't completely disappeared and they are not irrelevant to European security.

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The North Koreans are not only developing their long-range missiles to go with the nuclear capability that they have demonstrated, but they export missile technology to Iran and to Syria, countries that could pose a direct threat to European security. So the fact that the United States has decided to put more emphasis on the Asia-Pacific in its strategy, I think, is very much in Europe's interest and it shouldn't be viewed as a zero-sum game.

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Finally, this is your third tour in Brussels. What did you miss about it and how is it to be back?

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I've missed the continuing political debates that go one here, whether you are at the office or at a dinner party or just hanging around in Brussels. There's a certain buzz to this place, maybe because not only NATO, but also the European Union are headquartered here.

And so a lot of the big issues of our time are being discussed.

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I didn't have quite as much of that in South Korea or in my last assignment in Washington. So I'm glad to be back in this milieu at a time of tremendous challenges, particularly with the financial crisis, but also tremendous opportunities.

But NATO itself, even though it has more members, seems like a very familiar place to me.

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