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But you are an NRI from London. Dar ești un NRI de la Londra.

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Problem number two, you messed around with an NRI girl. Problema numărul doi, te-ai încurcat cu o fata NRI. Akhil, father's trying to find me a NRI husband. Akhil, tata încearcă să-mi găsească un soț NRI. Frate, aici e Share bazaar și îl am și pe NRI. We've heard that your party has chosen an NRI candidate as well.

Am auzit că partidul dumneavoastră a ales un candidat NRI nri dating site, de asemenea. My mother's dream is to get me married to a well settled NRI guy. Visul mamei mele este să mă But you died as an NRI, right?

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Dar, ai murit ca un NRInu-i așa? So you're having a picnic in Bhuleshwar with the NRI? Deci ai un picnic la Bhuleshwar cu NRI? He is an NRI, Baa Este NRIBaa Suzo-Happ is pleased to announce the appointment of Thomas Steiner.

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Steiner joined the European team at the beginning nri dating site the month and brings a wealth of experience with him, having worked for NRI and Crane previously for over nine years. Suzo-Happ are plăcerea să anunțe cooptarea lui Thomas Steiner în cadrul echipei sale.

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Steiner s-a alăturat echipei europene de la începutul lunii și aduce o bogată experiență cu el, după ce a lucrat anterior peste 9 ani pentru NRI și Crane. But now, if you need an NRI boy to spend your life nri dating site fine, I am fine!

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Dar acum, dacă aveți nevoie de un băiat NRI să-ți petreci viața Nri and Aguleri, where the Igbo creation myth originates, are in the territory of the Umeuri clan. After all, gajodhar is an nri for them, too dharam! La urma urmei, este gajodhar NRI o nri dating site ei, prea dharam!

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There we are searching an nri groom for you and you are romancing him, here! So when he said that he's his brother Deci, atunci când a spus că el e fratele lui The northern Igbo Kingdom of Nri, which rose around the 10th century AD, is credited with the foundation of much of Igboland's culture, customs, and religious practices.

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Nordul Igbo, Regatul Nricare a crescut în jurul secolului al lea AD, este creditat cu fundația mare parte a culturii Dating pe jos scăzut lui, obiceiurile și practicile religioase. The Nri people of Igbo land have a creation myth which is one of the many creation myths that exist in various parts of Igbo land.

Poporul NRI de Igbo au un mit al creației, care este unul dintre multele mituri de creație care există în diferite părți ale Igbo teren.

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  • NRI - Translation into Romanian - examples English | Reverso Context
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Archaeological evidence suggests that Nri hegemony in Igboland may go back as far as the 9th century, and royal burials have been unearthed dating to at least the 10th century. Dovezile arheologice sugerează că hegemonia NRI în Igboland poate merge înapoi până la secolul al 9-lea și morminte regale au fost descoperite datând cel puțin din secolul al lea.

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The historian Elizabeth Allo Isichei says "Nri and Aguleri and part of the Umueri clan, a cluster of Igbo village groups which traces its origins to a sky being called Eri. Agarwal is an NRI. Doamna Agarwal este NRI. Possibly inappropriate content Unlock Examples are used only to help you translate the word or expression searched in various contexts.

They are not selected or validated by us and can contain inappropriate terms or ideas.

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