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    Due to its open-source nature and the huge developers' community, the PHP ecosystem is constantly increasing, making it the technology of choice for many enterprise applications. Community The PHP ecosystem has the largest international community of developers, contributing with open source frameworks, libraries, and resources.

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    Scalable PHP applications are well supported by the most used cloud environments, enabling horizontal scaling running on multiple nodes sharing the same data. Businesses can use their existing infrastructure with minimal expenses to successfully integrate enterprise PHP apps.

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    Frameworks There are lots of PHP frameworks, MVC frameworks like Laravel and Symfony, and micro-frameworks like Lumen and Slim with increased functionality and offering fast and secure development of enterprise-grade applications. Using a trending framework ensures modularity, code maintainability standardized codingefficient deployment and making use of community developed open source code. Open source php choose Roweb We start your project with a detailed analysis of your needs and challenges and we finalize it with precise maintenance and support.

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    The frontend interface is written using a Javascript Framework, based on the SPA Single Page Application Architecture - allowing the user to communicate dynamically with the web app without reloading the page. The same API used for your web application, can be used to communicate with a native mobile application or other tools you use in the company.

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