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    And it also means she is healing from anxiety. Most of the people park kahi dating in the comment section are trying to figure out who's who etc.

    Я позвоню и все объясню.

    For me on my honest opinion the only girls that are not on a relationship in Twice are Nayeon since they already admit here in this show that she is so picky on who to date and Mina i park kahi dating the reason but i feel before she got anxiety she were already on a relationship with somebody, the mysterious guy from hawaii that always with her every vacation The third one is Jeongyeon coz if she were on a relationship already you will hear it from her sister or hear some kind of tease and hint.

    Coz thats what siblings do to each other.

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    The rest is already in a relationship i dunno if you were a real follower of twice there is so much clue that the other members are park kahi dating in a relationships ehem ehem i will give that to your imagination if you saw it too thats why marriage is the topic on this show since they want to help normalize that when it comes to idols and try to help twice not to lose their popularity when they announce more relationship status of each members.

    And park kahi dating Jihyo became single XD 4 singles and 5 in a relationship just a wild guess nothing is bad in both ways just keep supporting them! And yeah without permission from their company this kind of topic wont be the one they are going to tackle and they purposely did this for a certain reason and get ready for whats next for dating holly career.

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