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As it may be seen from the above table, the amount of heavy metals uptaken by Miscanthus is extremely low, this making the plant unsuitable for phytoextraction only around 35 — 55 g heavy metals per hectare and yearbut allowing it to be used as green energy or in various other fiels, without any danger.

The amount of heavy metals being significantly greater when green, we do not recomend its use unless cropped in spring.

We expect this amount of heavy metals to decrease further, when root system will go deeper, in less polluted soil layers roots can reach m in depth. Miscanthus sinensis x giganteus, a valuable energy plant, can be successfully cultivated in Romania, even on soils polluted with Dating tipi hispanici and Cd. The amount of Pb and Cd in the upper parts of the plants, even cultivated on soils heavily polluted with Pb and Cd, is very small, this allowing its unrestricted industrial use.

Michaela Portala and Mr. Barbu C. Sand C. Echevarria, Ed. Springer, Dordrecht, Olanda. Constantinescu L. Dumitru, M. Dumitru M. Fruhwirth, P. Produktion, Inhaltsstoffe und Verwertung, In. Miscanthus sinensis Giganteus.

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Chinaschilf als nachwachsender Rohstoff, Landliches Fortbildungsinstitut und Landwirtschaftskammer Osterreich, Ion, V. Jones M. Lacatusu R. Pyter R. Janick and A. Whipkey, eds. Weltz B. Dailey 2Harry A. Dailey 2Michael K. Deficiencies in the enzymes of heme biosynthesis in man result in clinical conditions called porphyrias. The enzymes exist as monomers and dimers, ph7 software- ul de dating social nulled with and without [2Fe-2S] clusters.

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The role of the [2Fe-2S] centers in ferrochelatases is unknown, but previously reported data show that the [2Fe-2S] cluster present in human ferrochelatase is destroyed by nitric oxide. Ongoing work includes the characterization and the elucidation of the role of [2Fe-2S] centers in ferrochelatases.

Key words: ferrochelatase, heme, iron-sulfur cluster, porphyria Ferrochelatase EC 4. The enzyme is present in all prokaryotes and eukaryotes with the exception of a few obligate pathogens and some anaerobic prokaryotes 3;4.


Deficiencies in the enzymes of heme biosynthesis in humans result in clinical conditions called porphyrias. Protoporphyrin IX is a photosensitive pigment that may form free radicals upon exposure to sunlight, causing blistering in cutaneous tissues. However, although this condition can be very painful, it is rarely fatal, but in some cases can lead to fatal liver damage In most organisms, ferrochelatase is a membrane-associated protein, but a few bacterial organisms, e.

Bacillus subtilis 3;8 and Mycobacterium tuberculosis 4contain soluble ferrochelatases. With few exceptions, most of the conserved residues are located in the active site pocket.

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In animal ferrochelatases, the carboxyl-terminal extension is involved in the dimerization motif for these enzymes and contains three of the four cysteines that ligate a [2Fe-2S] cluster, the fourth cysteine ligand being present in domain II Saccharomyces cerevisiae and plant ferrochelatases also contain domain III, which is approximately 50 residues in length, but do not contain the cluster-ligating cysteinyl residues and do not possess a [2Fe-2S] center 4.

The function of the carboxyl-terminal extension is unknown, yet its removal from S. To date the structures of two ferrochelatases have been solved and refined to approximately 2.

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The first to be solved was the structure of ferrochelatase from bacterium Bacillus subtilis This protein is a water-soluble, monomeric protein that possesses two structurally related domains.

The second ferrochelatase structure solved was for the human protein, which is a mitochondrial membrane-associated, homodimeric protein containing one all cysteinyl ligated [2Fe-2S] cluster in each monomer The current presentation will focus on the [2Fe-2S] centers that are present in all vertebrate and some yeast and bacterial ferrochelatases. Although mutagenesis studies show that the [2Fe-2S] clusters are required for ferrochelatase activity, the function of these clusters has yet to be elucidated.


The spectroscopic properties of human ferrochelatase [2Fe-2S] cluster are consistent with coordination of the cluster via cysteinyl residues Although the overall pattern of coordinating cysteines in human ferrochelatase is similar to that found in simple [2Fe-2S]-containing ferredoxins, e. The [2Fe-2S] cluster present in the human ferrochelatase exhibits a number of interesting features.

Resonance Raman and variable-temperature magnetic dichroism measurements on ferrochelatases indicate anomalous vibrational and electronic properties compared to other structurally characterized [2Fe-2S] centers 11;17which are likely to reflect differences in cysteine dihedral angles and cluster environment.

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For example, unlike other [2Fe-2S] centers, ph7 software- ul de dating social nulled cluster in human ferrochelatase has two Fe-S-C-C dihedral angles close to º and has no Hbonding interactions involving cysteinyl or inorganic S atoms Although the initial published bacterial ferrochelatase sequences did not contain the carboxyl-terminal domain 8 and their spectral properties revealed no Fe-S cluster, lately it has been discovered that some bacterial ferrochelatases, including Caulobacter crescentus and Mycobacterium tuberculosis 4 also possess the C-terminal extension of a length similar to that of animal ferrochelatases, and that this region contains three clusterligating cysteine residues.

More significant was the discovery that the 27 amino-proximal cluster-ligating cysteine residue of animal C in human ferrochelatase and S. The identity of the four amino-acid residues ligating the [2Fe-2S] cluster in C. The recent discovery of a [2Fe-2S] center in M.

Mutagenesis results indicate that the cluster is ligated by four cysteines in a centrally located NH2- C-X5-C-C-X9-C-COOH motif and sequence alignments ph7 software- ul de dating social nulled that similar clusters are present in ferrochelatases from several other bacterial organisms, e.

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Azotobacter vinelandii, Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus, and Pseudomonas syringae The question that needs to be addressed is the function of the [2Fe-2S] cluster in ferrochelatases. Research over the last decade has served to demonstrate the functional diversity of biological Fe-S clusters Although the majority of biological Fe-S clusters are involved in electron transport, it is now evident that several redox enzymes e.

The key role of Fe-S clusters in determining the protein structure makes them important regulatory targets for controlling enzyme activity or gene expression in response to external stimuli such as O2, NO, ROS, Fe, or Fe-S cluster concentrations. Regulatory control can be accomplished via cluster interconversion e.

Since many organisms possess a ferrochelatase that lacks the cluster and still has enzymatic activity, it is clear that the [2Fe-2S] cluster does not play a direct role in catalysis.

Likewise, there is no direct evidence that it could be involved in ferric iron reduction since all ferrochelatases assays always have ferrous iron and removal of the cluster destroys the enzyme activity. The sensitivity of mammalian [2Fe-2S] cluster to NO led to the suggestion that it may play a role in local immune response preventing bacteria from using heme synthesized by the host organism 20but the subsequent finding of clusters in Drosophila 14yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe 4and bacterial 4 ferrochelatases diminishes support for this hypothesis.

The cluster may play some structural role, but the minor contribution of the [2Fe-2S] center to the enzyme activesite structure suggests that other hypotheses need to be considered.

Alţii îndeobşte nu văd nimic periculos în erezia monofizită, din nepăsare faţă de adevărul bisericesc şi din duh potrivnic Bisericii. Nu e vorba numai de ura monofiziţilor faţă de Sfânta Euharistie, care durează de un mileniu şi jumătate, ci şi de ecumenismul care a egalat în drepturi Biserica şi ereziile, Biserica şi sectele, şi de semnarea declaraţiilor comune la Chambessy însemnate în numele lumii ortodoxe, dar în spatele ei. Aceste acţiuni se traduc în viaţă în unele locuri pe ascuns, de pildă în Patriarhia Moscovei acum deja şi pe faţă - n. Anul a adus noi surprize amare în Grecia ortodoxă.

To this end we have initiated detailed structural, redox, electronic, magnetic, and vibrational characterization of the clusters in a wide range of ferrochelatases. In addition, the NO sensitivity of [2Fe-2S] clusters in different ferrochelatases needs to be addressed to assess the possibility that the [2Fe-2S] clusters in vertebrate ferrochelatases play a specific role in NO sensing related to the immune response.

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Alternatively the recent realization of biological trafficking in [2Fe-2S] clusters, raises the intriguing possibility that the clusters in ferrochelatases may play a role as sensor of the cellular iron-sulfur cluster status, thereby regulating the use of Fe for heme or Fe-S cluster biosynthesis in vertebrate and some bacterial and yeast organisms.

Both functional possibilities are under active consideration in our laboratories. Dailey, H. Dailey, T. Nordman, Y. Moore, M. Najahi-Missaoui, W. Life Sci. Burden, A. Day, A. Ferreira, G. Sellers, V. Wu, C. Al-Karadaghi, S. Crouse, B. Matsubara, H. Johnson, M. Medlock, A. Shepherd, M. Kiley, P. Babeş Nr. Medical Department, S. These micronutrients are organic or inorganic compounds including elements of cationic nature metals or anionic nature non-metals.


The mentioned substances are present in food supplements in diverse combinations and different concentrations, their role is to supplement the normal diet and they have nutritional or physiological effects. Setting safety limits for minerals is of great importance because intakes above a certain level of some minerals can lead to undesirable or adverse effects on health. In high doses the minerals may have therapeutic effects and the product will be a drug and not food supplement. Considered as food, in European Union discussions on food supplements approach aspects concerning their effects on human metabolism sinergistic and antagonistic and problems related to their manufacture, traceability, distribution and consumption.

Last but not least the juristic bckground governing food supplements is of great importance for their safety.