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Life and career[ edit ] Beginnings, election to parliament and ministerial post[ edit ] According to Ponta, his family, originally called Ponte, originated in Triesteand reached Transylvania around the turn ra dating site the 20th century, in order to help build a road from Pecica to Nădlac commissioned by the Austro-Hungarian authorities.

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Inhe graduated from the University of Bucharest 's Law faculty. Between andand sincehe has taught Criminal Law at the Romanian-American University.

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From toPonta worked as a prosecutor handling cases at the Sector 1 courthouse. From tohe was a prosecutor at the Supreme Court of Justice in the anti-corruption division, in particular dealing with economic and financial crimes.

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From tohe coordinated the Bureau for Combating Money Laundering. He died the following day, and the incident was ruled a suicide a day later. The complained also mentioned Panait's fellow prosecutor Ponta, claiming the former had told her, "that dog Victor Ponta did me in". She also said the two had been friends until Panait accused Ponta of influence peddling due to what he saw as the latter's involvement with underworld figures.

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In reply, Ponta mentioned he had called for the investigation into Panait's death to be reopened, stating the two had not met for some six months before that event, and that there had been no breach in their friendship. That October, he became a member of the PSD's national council, and joined its executive bureau the ra dating site month, when he also became president of the TSD, remaining as such ra dating site four years.

Inhe became a vice president of Ecosywhile he has been a ra dating site president of the PSD since December At the electionPonta won a seat in the Chamber of Deputies, where he served as both secretary and vice president of its permanent bureau; [4] he was re-elected in Dating intimitate fizică government transferred oversight of the Romanian Cultural Institute from the Presidency to the Parliament, claiming this would increase transparency.

However, the move drew criticism from its head, Horia-Roman Patapievicias well as from other artists and cultural figures who feared the institute would become politicized.

Сьюзан обмякла, испытав огромное облегчение, и почувствовала, что вновь нормально дышит: до этого она от ужаса задержала дыхание. Предмет в руке Стратмора излучал зеленоватый свет. - Черт возьми, - тихо выругался Стратмор, - мой новый пейджер, - и с отвращением посмотрел на коробочку, лежащую у него на ладони. Он забыл нажать кнопку, которая отключила звук.

He pushed through a new electoral law establishing a first-past-the-post voting system, but this was rejected by the Constitutional Court. A dispute with Băsescu arose over who would represent Romania at the Ra dating site Councilwith the court ruling in the latter's favor, [35] although Ponta attended the subsequent council nevertheless.

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In response, interim Education Minister Liviu Pop PSD contested the committee's jurisdiction and dismissed the findings, citing the lack of a quorum. The minister had already signed an order reorganizing the committee the previous day, but, due to technical reasons, the order came into effect during the very session analyzing the thesis.

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Ponta replied that the committee was an "ad-hoc" one designed especially for him, and that the decision was a "political" one. The latter opted against proceeding, the former appealed, and in Marchthe High Court of Cassation and Justice rejected their appeal.

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The university responded that it would comply with his request. That institution's rector replied to an enquiry by stating an internal verification had revealed Ponta was never at the University of Catania.

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In turn, Ponta stated that he took a course there and received a diploma. This culminated in Băsescu's suspension from office by Parliament, an action strongly promoted by Ponta, and which triggered an unsuccessful referendum on impeaching Băsescu.

At the same time, he raised or introduced a number of taxes and fees, one of the most widely-felt being an increase in the fuel tax.

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This voting bloc and its domestic sympathizers were galvanized to turn out against Ponta in the second round. Iohannis called on Ponta to resignwhich the latter refused to do. Within several days, these had swelled to over 25, participants in Bucharest alone.

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Among the demands voiced was the resignation of Ponta, tied within the protesters' ranks to corruption and official indifference. Bowing to pressure, he resigned, citing the "legitimate anger" of the public the "desire to place responsibility at higher levels" than the nightclub owners, and the hope that the expectations of the demonstrators had been met. In so doing, he was automatically expelled from the PSD, which had agreed to apply this penalty to any party member agreeing to serve under Grindeanu.

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Introducing the new party, he described it as a center-left one, aimed at ra dating site the country's "mediocre, uncultured and incapable" elites with competent professionals. Shortly thereafter, the party held 24 seats in the Romanian parliament, nearly all the result of floor crossing from the governing PSD.

Note de curs, Ed. Importanță, efecte și natură juridică, Ed. Arhiepiscopia Tomisului,Constanța Drept penal. Partea generală, Ed. Hamangiu, Bucharest,