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What do our students say George Moroianu Alumni I discovered early on that entrepreneurship was my passion. I picked Entrepreneurship Academy as my university option because I was aware that only a university that puts accent on practice more than on theory can be relevant in the business field.

Looking back to the 4 years of studies, I strongly believe E. It is fascinating how much all the courses, Learning Journeys, colleagues and business experts around the community have contributed to who I am today! As the university ends, I am currently the founder of Flip.

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I was and still am keen on always finding myself on a steep learning curve, both from a theoretical and practical point of view. After four challenging years, full of experiences that spark london dating app me to grow on personal and professional level, depression and joy, courses and business, I discovered what I am really passionate about.

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That is, building impact startups with passionate individuals. If you are ready to start the journey of your entrepreneurial life and have real impact on what matters for you, EA is the right call!

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Having this in mind, I decided to go study art in France, a field I am passionate about in a country I like. While in France I started spark london dating app first real entrepreneurial project, an e-commerce platform. Sooner or later I realised the importance of having a business education if you want to be an entrepreneur, so I decided to come back to Romania and join EA, a new and innovative university.

Along with these awesome people that I met, I have created experiences of all kinds that helped me grow on personal and business levels. For me, it is all about people, and I found here the right ones.

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They challenged, taught, and guided me towards the person I am today. This university helped me in learning how to grow day by day, to create a network of highly intelligent and skilled people, to gain self-confidence and develop a business with the best team I could ever imagine. I came to the conclusion that this university was the best decision I ever made in the last four years for my personal development.

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After four years of being a student at EA, I find myself as the co-founder of Difrnt agency, a digital services provider for relentless businesses, that generated over Looking back, after 3 years of being a student at EA, I believe that joining this university was one of the best decisions I took in my life. I stayed there for a year, and then I decided to come back to Romania and applied to EA. I was very attracted to the way we learn here.

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The educational program is established alongside the students, and each course is specially created based on the needs we have in business at the time of the course. Petrișor Spark london dating app Cătălin Year IV Student At The Entrepreneurship Academy, I had the opportunity to find spark london dating app what entrepreneurship really means, primarily through practice, but also from experts and entrepreneurs.

I worked on various entrepreneurial projects and discovered new areas from which I learned and still learn a lot.

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Mostly, I like that we are not limited to business discussions, but we found and worked on our own businesses, and we can directly apply all the theory learned in courses directly. In addition, we have a community of experts and mentors who are always open to helping and guiding us. Chat with a EA student Admission procedure We have an on-rolling admission process, meaning it is organized 4 times per year and it consists of three stages.

UPGRADE 100 by Dragos Stanca

The eligible applicants are those in grades 11th, 12th or those who already study in a different university and they wish to switch direction. Online Application An online application that the candidates have to submit, comprising aspects like personal and academic details, some personal statements, a video, and a CV. Bootday A full working day, spent in the university.

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They will solve a real business challenge, work in teams, learn from experts, interact with students aplicație de amenajare a fanilor sportivi coaches Time invested: 12 hours. Observations from the Bootday will be addressed. Prior to the interview the candidate will go through a 30 minutes cognitive and personality test, that will also be subject for conversation during the interview Time invested: 1,5 hours.

SARE este făcută pentru creștini de către creștini.

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