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Source: Studii Teologice. Author s : POPESCU, Oana-Mädälina Abstract: The present study analyses and puts into scientific circulation two religious manuscripts, which have not been published so far, preserved nowadays at the Library of the Romanian Academy, in Bucharest, being recorded under no.

Copilăria[ modificare modificare sursă ] A fost nascută Helenka Kowalska, în Głogowiec, districtul Łęczyca în vestul localității LodzPolonia. Stanislaus era tâmplar și țăran, familia fiind săracă și religioasă. Când avea 16 ani a mers să lucreze ca menajeră în Lodz pentru a se putea întreține pe sine și familia. Intrarea în mânăstire la Varșovia[ modificare modificare sursă ] În vara anuluila vârsta de 19 ani, Faustina și sora ei Natalia au mers la un dans ce avea loc într-un parc din Lodz. Faustina mărturisește că la acest dans a avut o viziune a lui Iisus suferind în urma căreia a alergat spre biserică unde Iisus o sfătuiește să plece spre Varșovia imediat spre a intra într-o mânăstire.

They contain an ancient hymn, dedicated to the Saints Constantine the Great, the emperor of the Byzantine Empire, and to st helena dating mother, Helena. The religious text was elaborated, as we can see, by a person named Tarasios, whom we consider to be the Patriarch of Constantinople. So, we assume that the original form of the hymn was written in Greek, at the end of the eighth century or st helena dating the beginning of dating parcuri în delhi ninth century and it was translated, subsequently, into the Ancient Slavonic, as it was largely used into the Orthodox community, into the Byzantine Commonwealth.

The Ms. The manuscriptfrom Cernica Monastery, contains also the hymn, with small differences, therefore we present both variants here, for comparison.

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The Mss. And, not st helena dating they were translated at Hurezi monastery, because that monastic settlement had been dedicated to the Saints Constantine and Helena, being designed as the necropolis of Constantine Brâncoveanu and his family.

The hymn points out some important events of the lives of Constantine the Great and Helena, as the moments of perceiving the Cross in the sky, the discovery of the Cross by the empress Helena, the baptism of the emperor. It also contains some interesting epithets for the emperor and empress, regarded as great rulers and saints, crowned by God, being equal to the Apostles isapostolos, in Greek.

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