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A special search ebc sweet dating sms compares ideas with etv character traits and other matching interests.

sweet dating sms

With the built-in calender game "Faces" you can show who you find attractive and thereby find out who is interested in you. Choice of love is completely free!


We want to enable everyone a good and successful partner search without demand for high membership fees. It is not our intent to limit functionality in the app to urge our members to payment.

We are of the opinion that it also works without. In order to pay the developer and to cover the costs we finance ourselves through advertising.

sweet dating sms

How do I sign up? Confirm the use of your profile information from Facebook and our Terms of Use. We then take your email, your username if still available and your profile picture from Facebook.

Your account is now active. We shall not post in your timeline!

sweet dating sms

With your email address: Click "Register for free" on the home screen and fill out the form. We need, among other things, your date of birth, the town you live in, and a valid email address in order to avoid abusive registrations.

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If you choose one of the proposed email addresses, which are already stored sweet dating sms your device, you're unlocked immediately. If you enter a different email address, you must still confirm this by an activation email. Amharic language is supportedkeyboard is also integrated.

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