Egg Allergy: Diagnosis and Immunotherapy

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Abstract Hypersensitivity or an allergy to chicken egg proteins is a predominant symptomatic condition affecting 1 in 20 children in Australia; however, an effective form of therapy has not yet been found.

This occurs as the immune system of the allergic individual overreacts when in contact with egg allergens egg proteinstriggering a complex immune response. The subsequent instantaneous inflammatory immune response is characterized by the excessive production of immunoglobulin E IgE antibody against the allergen, T-cell mediators and inflammation.

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Current allergen-specific approaches to egg allergy diagnosis and treatment lack consistency and therefore pose safety concerns among anaphylactic patients. Immunotherapy has thus far been found to be the most efficient way to treat and relieve symptoms, this includes oral immunotherapy OIT and thomas jaeger speed​​ dating immunotherapy SLIT.

A major limitation in immunotherapy, however, is the difficulty in preparing effective and safe extracts from natural allergen sources.

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Advances in molecular techniques allow for the production of safe and standardized recombinant and hypoallergenic egg variants by targeting the IgE-binding epitopes responsible for clinical allergic symptoms. Site-directed mutagenesis can be performed to create such safe hypoallergens for their potential use in future methods of immunotherapy, providing a feasible standardized therapeutic approach to target egg allergies safely.

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Keywords: hypersensitivity, recombinant allergens, immunotherapy, hypoallergens, egg allergy, allergy, egg allergens 1. These substances are referred to as allergens, which are a type of antigen that prompts an intricate immune response upon contact with the immune system of the predisposed susceptible individuals.

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Pathogenesis involves the cross-linking of the mast and basophil-bound Asiafuns dating site, leading to an immediate release of allergic mediators, as a result activating T-cells, basophils and eosinophils [ 1 ].

An IgE-associated allergy is characterized as a Type 1 hypersensitivity thomas jaeger speed​​ dating owing to the immediate inflammatory immune response that occurs upon contact with an allergen [ 2 ].

As the severity and complexity of allergic disease increase globally, it is predominately children who suffer the burden with no optimal treatment.

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This unprecedented public health issue urges the need for a standardized holistic approach towards not only diagnosis and treatment but also education and research.

Food Allergy Food allergies make up the majority of allergies today. Although global prevalence data is lacking, the World Allergy Organization WAOusing data from 89 countries, estimates that over million people are globally affected [ 5 ].

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As food is essential to health and nutrition, it is yet uncertain why a food item may be identified as harmful by the body, forming the core of food allergy research. Thomas jaeger speed​​ dating incredible advances have been made in determining the mechanisms leading to an allergic reaction, what makes a protein within a food allergenic is still unknown.

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Research is yet to fully understand the interaction between genetics, environmental factors and the protein's molecular structure that is responsible for allergic sensitization [ 6 ]. Genetics, however, may be the strongest link in further understanding this phenomenon [ 7 ].

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However, it is possible to develop allergies even if there is no family history, with research indicating only a slight thomas jaeger speed​​ dating in food allergy of infants with one allergic member in comparison to those with no family history [ 9 ]. This suggests other factors may also be involved, resulting in various theories, including the hygiene hypothesis [ 10 ]. This hypothesis proposes that the protective effect of microbial contact in the early stages of life is lost due to increased hygiene and extensive use of antibiotics within Western culture.

Thereupon an thomas jaeger speed​​ dating develops as the immune system lacks predisposition to infection where the microbial stimulus necessary for normal maturity of the immune system is lost [ 11 ].

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A population-based study of infants suggested that, unlike peanut allergies, egg allergies are heavily motivated by environmental factors [ 9 ]. Epidemiological research indicates the hygiene hypothesis to be a complex interaction of many factors, and further large-scale population-based studies are needed to investigate genetic susceptibility, timing, allergy phenotypes and various environmental exposures [ 12 ].

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Interestingly, challenge-proven food allergy prevalence in children under 5 years of age in Denmark is 3. While high quality global data is lacking, particularly in developing countries, studies suggest food allergies have globally increased in the past decade [ 17 ].

Increased awareness, improved diagnostics and pollution, in addition to the hygiene hypothesis, may explain the increase in food allergies throughout the Western countries [ 18 ].

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Globally, allergies are experienced by millions of people along with the anxiety it brings, leaving many seeking aid in conventional medications. While pharmacotherapies provide temporary relief, it can, however, lead to a problematic reliance on drugs without treating the allergy itself [ 19 ].

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A study in found that 1 in 5 food-allergic patients used complementary and alternative medicine with participants, even disclosing the use of homeopaths and acupuncturists to relieve symptoms [ 20 ]. It is documented to be one of the most prevalent food allergies among children 25 de ani de întâlnire de 25 de ani 23 ].

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This was also confirmed by The HealthNut study; this cohort study found the prevalence of egg allergy at one year of age to be 9. While egg allergy is considered a childhood disease, the remaining fraction of allergic children continue to experience persistent egg thomas jaeger speed​​ dating into adulthood, further increasing the risk of a potentially fatal reaction [ 24 ].