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Autochtonous rivers Mostistea, Calnistea Mostistea River generally overlaps Inter-Moesic fault, along which are recorded earthquakes at depths of shallow below 40 km, at the base of the crust Radulian, Tipul de dating streaming vf, By overlaying the seismic-structural map Visarion et.

But to affirm this, it would require some actual samplings in the area between the two directions between the current river-flow of Mostistea and the parallel line formed by the tributaries to tipul de dating streaming vf the psephite alluvial formations, characteristic to a powerful stream of the Carpathians. The sediments age between the two parallel courses should indicate an oscillation of the anteloessian river.

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The parallel configuration of the tributaries can easily be attributed to the structure, the Inter-Moesic fault contributing to a more pronounced dynamic of Mostiştea, channeled to the axis tipul de dating streaming vf a structural depression, and the microfaults, arranged in accordance with the descendent slope of the left flank, helped to direct, towards NE-SW, the inferior courses of Colceag, Vânăta, Argova, and their higher order segments.

Câlniştea is an atypical course for the Romanian Plain, because of its direction of flow, the middle and the inferior sectors being imposed a possible fault VâlsanCotet, It was taken for analyze the sector between the localities Drăgăneşti Vlaşca-Cămineasca, an area with its river bed known as having a highly rate of meandering, a series of close meanders, shackled, a distinct example of meanders for the whole spread of the Romanian Plain Fig.

Analyzing the data from the measurements we can establish the following conclusions: - a tendency towards equilibrium, highlighted through the sinuosity index reduction from 2. Preliminary observation proportional to the amplitude meanders.

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But the sinuous length has a clearly tendency of decreasing, which leads to the decrease of the index of sinuosity Table 4 ; - there is an inverse proportion between the sinuous length and the amplitude of the meander on the one hand, which have a direct relationship, and the length of the meander on the other hand; thus the meanders with the higher amplitude are wider and obviously have a more sinuous length; sometimes they can even be complex or compound meanders.

Allochthonous rivers Milcov Fig. In this area the Carpathian orogen comes in contact, on the outside, with three Precambrian stabil flatrocks: Moesic Platform in the south, the East European Platform and the Scythian Platyform in the north Sandulescu, Tipul de dating streaming vf tectonic mobility continually manifested since Badenian period causing the formation of Focsani Depression, in which there have been accumulated sedimentary rocks with a thickness of 13 km in its central part Tarapoanca et.

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At the Curvature Carpathians, the Milcov river records the same changes of the riverbed type on a length of only tipul de dating streaming vf In this case the tectonic conditioning was the highest: up-lift movements on the upper sector corresponding to the Carpathian Orogen and subsidence movements on the lower sector superposed on the Focsani tectonic depression.

This is demonstrated by Trotus river that clearly follows the fault with the same name.

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Our analysis in this region stopped over Milcov River, characterized as being the smallest basin with its complete expansion from the Carpathian area until the subsidence plain Sacrieru, It records the same changes of the river channel type weaving, sinuous, meandering on a length of only In the evolution of this river the tectonic conditioning was maximum: accretion movements on the lower course, corresponding to the Carpathian orogen and subsidence movements on the lower course, superposed over Focsani Depression.

In the Medium and Superior Pleistocene the rising of the current basin, with about m chat dating basel, favored the formation of a system of 11 terraces, since Riss, with a deepening rate between 0.

The braided river channel is typical for the alluvial cone that provides an important volume of alluvium transported from upper and medium sectors. The sinuous river channel is only a transition sector between the meandering and braided ones. The sinuous river channel sinuous channel is characterized by a coefficient of sinuosity with values ranging between 1.

The average slope is 3.

Florina GRECU, Cristina GHIŢĂ, Răzvan SĂCRIERU

The presence of lateral river islands with heights up to 1 m above the talweg, may determine us to include this sector to the sinuous with alternate bars subtype. In this sector there is a clear relationship between slope and volume, respectively the granulometry of the riverbed deposits.

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In this area, the riverbed is sunk in fine plain deposits: gravels, sands and loess deposits of Superior Pleistocene - Holocene age.

The banks have the greatest heights of the entire plain sector, between 6 and 12 m Pietroasa, Goleşti fig.

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The riverbed width sometimes exceeds m and there can be identified two levels at 0. Sinuous channel The meandering channel has values of the sinuosity coefficient of over 1. The maximum value, of 3.

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This meandering sector starts to the East of Goleşti locality and ends at the tipul de dating streaming vf in Putna Răstoaca Fig. The meandering channel matches the subsidence sector.

Compared with the general level of the plain, the riverbed deepened with m during the Holocene.

Lucrarea de fata a fost realizata in cupola Habo, situata in partea centrala a bazinului Kachchh, pentru a analiza caracteristicile morfometrice, cum ar fi raportul de bifurcatie, raportul de circulatie, textura de drenaj, factorul asimetric, indicii hipometometri si sinuozitatea fata a muntelui -liniile de apa ale zonei pentru a intelege efectele reactivarii tipul de dating streaming vf si a activitatilor neotectonice asupra geometriei cupolei. Obtinut din predarea datelor tehnice la Fort Defiance. Stiu ca nu s-au terminat niciodata cu adevarat, dar toate constructiile mele au un principiu distinct de utilizare inainte de a cumpara chiar arma jucaria de gama este un POU valid si incerc sa indeplinesc acel obiectiv si sa devin cel putin extrem de priceput cu acesta inainte de a primi Grande Vegas cazinoul online recenzie Leiden de alte arme.

The general direction of the meandering course is West — East, on a sinuous length of Given the 8. The average slope has the lowest value, 0.

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Although meanders delineation is made from the general direction of the river, there is a high degree of subjectivity in determining the meanders ends. When the river comes back on the general direction of flow in our case West - Eastit can be defined the limit of the meander. In the case of complex meanders, the morphometric calculations can be made both on the entire meander, and on loops of meanders.

In plus, atunci cand nu vei fi acasa, aceasta va fi protejata si de hoti, in special daca iti vei monta unul dintre sistemele de fixare al acestora care se actioneaza din interior. Specificatii tehnice Exista doua tipuri de casete care se monteaza pe rulourile exterioare din aluminiu. Primul tip este reprezentat de caseta aplicata, care se monteaza in lacasul unei usi sau a unei ferestre. Al doilea si cel mai recomandat este cel in care caseta suprapusa este special izolata, astfel incat sa nu permita vantului sau apei sa patrunda la interior.

In order to understand the presend-day characteristics of the meandered riverbeds, measurements have tipul de dating streaming vf taken on 6 watercourses of different orders: Siret, Ialomita, Arges, Mostistea, Calnistea, Milcov.

Meandered sectors have been delineated, having variable lengths between km, on which the main morphometrcial parameters have been computed: bend radius, meander wave Relation between tectonics and meandering of river channels in the Romanian Plain.

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Preliminary observation length and meander amplitude. All measurements have been done on meander bends. The obtained values for the correlation between the length and amplitude of the meanders show that, selected on tectonic criteria, there is no big difference between the characteristics of meanders in large allochthonous rivers and small autochthonous rivers.

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Analyzing the coefficient of sinuosity and meandering in various regions of the Romanian Plain with active neotectonic particularities, it can be observed that there are no big differences. It follows that the meandering process is extremely complex depending on the local characteristics of the causal variables, neotectonics being one of these variables.

Meandering channel sector Fig. Studiu de geomorfologie, Edit. Universitaria, Craiova, p.

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BÂLĂ A. Dinamique du systeme fluvial, Armand Colin, Paris, p. Ceres, Bucureşti, p.

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