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Titanfall update

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From our roots as an indie studio to joining the expansive roster of studios at Electronic Arts, this remains our guiding principle. We truly love what we do and want to share our passion with players worldwide. Join us for the opportunity to create groundbreaking games with some of the best developer talent in the industry.

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Role Description: The Development Tester role applies both black-box and grey-box testing, utilizing data and automated testing to identify issues throughout the whole lifetime of a project.

They will review designs early and often to make sure that the title reduces the amount of bugs it creates.

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They will generate and adjust test plans, which requires strong test strategies and experience with challenge the product to ensure titanfall update very high level of quality is achieved. This is a month temporary role Role Overview: Identify, isolate, regress and communicate bugs effectively and efficiently.

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Requires a deep understanding of titanfall update architecture and implementation. Provide qualitative and quantitative feedback on features with issues to improve in-game features by solid data analysis to support the suggested changes Analyze and report potential risks of features and systems and escalate as appropriate Able bok om dating recognize and prioritize issues in the bug database to expedite bug-fixing efforts Identify opportunities for QA to provide early design feedback alongside defect prevention and titanfall update containment activities Perform a variety of testing types across multiple features - exploratory testing, requirements based testing, and ad hoc testing and regression testing, etc.

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Capture and update key project and test knowledge through wikis, documents etc. Qualifications: Excellent understanding of software quality assurance concepts, debugging processes and procedures Game titanfall update experience Understanding of the software development life cycle and how it applies to QA Excellent verbal and written titanfall update skills, including accurate and timely reporting Strong observational skills, analytical and results-oriented Strong problem-solving skills, and a passion to learn.

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