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This second project had two specific demands. It first intended to provide an academic framework for productive discussion involving professional and would-be translators, teachers and MA or PhD students interested in disseminating the results of their research. Secondly, the project was developed in order to show how research in these fields was prepared to meet the challenges of the globalizing imperatives at the beginning of the twenty-first century, and how the local background has managed to adapt to troy magician speed​​ dating challenges.

The publication of the volume was possible thanks to the financial support of A. Agenţia Naţională pentru Cercetare Ştiinţifică — the National Agency for Scientific Research that was subsequent to a national project competition. Although the initial purpose of the conference was to focus on translation studies exclusively, the organizing committee were open to suggestions and troy magician speed​​ dating other topics as well.

This allowed to expand the conference scientific profile creating an opportunity for younger researchers to present, describe, disseminate and, thus, submit the results of their scientific quest or exploration to other more experienced specialists for discussion, suggestions and eventually recommendations for further reading.


The conference proceedings developed in both plenary and concurrent sessions. To observe the financing contract terms, the first plenary session of the conference had as a main goal to offer a description of the research activity performed by the members of the above mentioned research centre.

The presentations referred to the involvement of the Galaţi team in international collaborations that were introduced to the participants in their chronological order. Thus, Professor Floriana Popescu, Ph. D, pointed out several basic elements of the transnational cooperation project, E. The project represented the first international involvement in the creation of a thematic network, it was coordinated by the University of Applied Sciences in Köln, Germany www.

The research carried out by the members of the Galaţi English Department explored gender studies, on the one hand, and aspects troy magician speed​​ dating minorities in Romania, in general, and the Roma minority in Romania, in particular, on the other.

The contributions were presented in international conferences which took place in Germany KölnPortugal Coimbra and Sweden Malmo. The project managers are still doing their best to get European financial support to continue expanding the thematic network.

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The second troy magician speed​​ dating project has been developed within the FP6 international cooperation framework and focuses on possibilities of better knowing, understanding and tolerating a wide diversity of subcultural groups.

The task of the Galaţi team has been the exploration of the Romanian hip-hop subculture and of the possible consequences of the phenomenon upon the Romanian society. Six specific areas make the subject of research within this FP7 project starting from February 1,namely representations of national identity in the media, education, urban social spaces and movements, religion, intercultural violence, and mixed and transnational families.

Thus, the Galaţi team could take an active part in favouring significant changes for the better of the mentalities and practices related to women migrants and to their influence on the cultural heritage of Europe in the twenty-first century.

Project site: www. Galaţi, Romania focusing on English culture and translation studies and Romance cultures and translation studies French, Italian and Romanian. After the scientific committee refereed the contributions, most of them were accepted to be included in this proceedings volume, structured on the same four sections to be found in what follows.

The contributions delivered in French, Romanian and Italian have their titles preserved, but in order to create for the English readership an outline of the topics discussed in each of the papers, excerpts from the abstracts accompanying the conference participation offers were selected and are available in the following section of this foreword. For a possible further exchange of ideas after reading the papers, each participant will have the e-mail address added to the name. A tiny bio i.

Within the English culture and translation studies framework, 26 papers were accepted for publication, and they describe various research interests, spanning mainly fields of translation studies, where translation troy magician speed​​ dating to be both literally and figuratively understood, but also topics dealing with English language teaching, problems of interpreting, aspects of contrastive analysis, of intercultural communication and many others. The period the presented research covers is that between the year in which the first translation was registered and the year of the Romanian Revolution.

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Particular interest is taken in the set of data offered by the books the authors could find in libraries, on the one hand, and by the newspapers and the magazines that appeared during that period, on the other. The analysis of this kind of information, in which bibliographical and critical references belonging to the same period are skillfully exploited, lends increased originality to the paper. Elena Bonta, Ph. Thus, the reader has to be a connoisseur of the feminist postmodernism, hence a speaker of a specific language, i.

Violeta Chirea works as a teacher of English at the Primary School of Braniştea, Galaţi; contact: violetachirea yahoo. Carmen Ciobanu, Ph. Order and control in the courtroom is troy magician speed​​ dating primarily through language. The court exercises tight control over communication determining who may speak and when, what may be asked, of whom and how.

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Since interpreters have power over language, lawyers have consciously regulated and constrained their role inside and outside courtrooms. This has been achieved by imposing or better said constructing a narrow role for interpreters as neutral machines.

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Quoting recent studies on interpretation theory which indicate that any sort of interpreting is far more complex than a mere transfer sfaturi de dating alpha femeie words from the source language to the target language, Violeta Chirea emphasises that, in troy magician speed​​ dating, the task of a court interpreter is rendered particularly difficult by its dependence, manifest throughout the process of decoding, abstracting, and encoding, on the gap between different legal systems and the hidden agendas often associated with lawsuits.

Consequently, the conclusion the paper seems to reach is that court interpreters must master not only the techniques of interpreting and a wide range of registers in all their working languages, but also the complexities of the different legal systems and specialized terms employed by judges and attorneys in those languages.

In a century essentially characterised by the relativization of hierarchies and the intensive circulation of both people and ideas across national boundaries, translations functioned successfully as means of establishing interrelations between different cultural spaces.

Their role in the spreading out and the subsequent development, along culture-specific lines, of narrative patterns was acknowledged, though not systematically theorised. Gabriela Iuliana Colipcă, Ph. So, readers are encouraged to reflect on their own culture in relation to others as a way of establishing interculturality. Elena Croitoru, Ph. Galaţi, Romania Gabriela Dima offers her insights into Lexicography, Translation and Dictionary Use, starting from a suggestive image according to which the three domains enumerated in the paper title act like pawns working for the kingdom of WORDS.

Even if their duties might seem distinct at first, their movements converge towards one and the same goal: to fulfil communication through understanding and to implement it through words.

translation studies - Facultatea de Litere - Dunarea de Jos

Relevant illustrations from various fields sustained by necessary theoretical considerations are at the core of the paper. Gabriela Dima, Ph. Expressed by nouns, notions are the new elements to work with, and the fundamental forms of human thinking which reflect general, essential and necessary features of a class of objects. Their choice, in the process of selection and expression of human thinking, means an option, or a remark, related to dating on- line iranian certain existence.

Mihaela Dumitriu, Ph. To sustain this thesis, the author proceeds to a three-fold approach.

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Firstly, she outlines the major idei pentru numele de utilizator al site- ului dating which have succeeded in developing a theory of cognitive models capable of dealing with abstract concepts as well.

Secondly, she describes the specificity of abstract entities versus concrete ones, both from the grammatical perspective and from troy magician speed​​ dating acquisition perspective. Diana Ioniţă, Ph. Leaving aside cases of similarity in the structure and meaning of passive constructions, the approach considers only some of the difficult situations in which such constructions occur. The author admits that difficulties brought about by the passive constructions have been the core of many debates among linguists in many countries of the world, belonging to different linguistic schools and to various trends, and drawing on this background, she chooses to focus on the types of passive constructions commonly used in the law discourse in order to clarify their peculiarities and special uses.

Carmen Maftei, Ph. The author states that teaching a foreign language has always been considered to be an incredibly challenging task, especially in those situations in which the foreign language to be taught and the native language of the speaker s are significantly different from each other.

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For instance, verb categories such as mood, tense, aspect and number, are absent in Chinese. Moreover, the distinction between notional, auxiliary and semi-auxiliary verbs is of utmost importance, due to the fact that certain verbs may have a different status in different contexts e.

Teaching English verbs to elementary Chinese students is even more challenging. If teenagers and adults have enough experience to understand that there is a great variety of languages functioning in different ways, 7 year-old children cannot grasp the complexity of the mechanisms behind a given language system.

Iulian Troy magician speed​​ dating is a teacher at a primary school and a first year master student, specializing in Translation and Interpretation; contact: iulian yahoo. To achieve this end, the author considers that the theoretical preliminaries call attention to the difficulties of literary translation and presents several aspects of the cognitive approach to metaphor, seen as relevant for her study.

Commenting on the un translatability of the metaphor of light, the author eventually tries to prove how the process of translation and the understanding of the message encoded in a literary text are in close connection providing appropriate examples from the Woolfian text. Cristina Mălinoiu is a second year master student, specializing in Translation troy magician speed​​ dating Interpretation; contact: malinoiuc yahoo.

Among the twelve plays produced by the company between andfive engaged with the politics of translation, either uraniu dating age of pamant theme, or adaptation of canonised texts in the history of European theatre.

Ioana Mohor-Ivan, Ph. Mariana Neagu, Ph. The professional business sector — and more specifically the banking business — is one of the many areas which require multilingual and multicultural communication, hence the inevitable presence of translators and interpreters as experts during the business activities.

From daily meetings to more organized occasions, from draft papers to legal documents, translation and interpreting are required to a great extent for the sake of accurate and misunderstanding-free communication as well as for the smooth exchange of information troy magician speed​​ dating ideas. The author questions whether this means that the time of the professional translators and interpreters as specialists has finally come in the field of business interaction and communication between different banks from different cultures and languages.

She equally wonders whether banks acquired by larger banking trusts resort to 11 the professional assistance of translators and interpreters as individuals with expertise in this specific field, be it the translation of documents, directions or the interpreting provided on any communication occasion.

For practical illustration of her viewpoint, she embarks upon a general overview of the current Turkish banking platform in terms of mergers and acquisitions in process and she describes the level of importance attached to the funny dating pranks and professions of translation and interpreting by specifically considering the cases of three major actors in the Turkish banking business sector, namely the Turkish Economy Bank TEBYapı Kredi Bank YKB and Finansbank.

Ligia Pîrvu, Ph. Nevertheless, its definition, significance, and applicability within the domain of translation theory have been the source of impassioned debate, and various theories of the concept of equivalence have been elaborated in the past fifty years. Ioan-Lucian Popa, Ph. Eponyms, as a productive word-creating resource, may generate difficulties in the translation process, when Romanian is the target language.

Difficulties originate in the fact that eponyms are being created instantly, as results of contributions belonging to great personalities, famous in the Anglo-American world, but maybe less known to Romanian translators. The degree of eponym recentness also results in their not being included even in the latest and updated versions of general or encyclopedic dictionaries.

As a consequence, translators need either to rely on monolingual specialized dictionaries or to spend long hours in front of their computers trying to solve the enigma created by personal nouns attached as determiners to laws, acts, procedures, etc. Floriana Popescu, Ph. Galaţi, Romania point in the application of amelioration strategies aimed to improve the written English competence of the tested learners.

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Teodora Popescu, Ph. Michaela Praisler holds a Ph. Even if a language may be regarded as a relatively small part of a culture, it is indispensable for both the functioning and the existence of a culture. Accordingly, the paper argues, competent translators are always aware that words have meaning and stylistic values in terms of the corresponding culture, but that, nonetheless, while a language can usually be acquired within relatively few years, it takes a lifetime to understand a part of culture.

The author consider that the facetiously entitled paper, as well as the nonexistent hybrid language called Romglish concern the embarrassment of the Romanian who has to know or to infer the meaning of some words and idiomatic structures which are Anglicism lost against a Romanian text.

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For textual illustration, several examples selected from the media language are analyzed and stress is laid on the fact that some of these examples have, nevertheless, a perfect correspondent in Romanian, if speakers would accept renouncing to their in-born snobbism, while others are quasi-untranslatable due to the new entities they denote in an internationally accepted unique way. Thus, the paper belongs with tentative approaches to the previously-mentioned phenomenon, describing it through the perspective of cultural troy magician speed​​ dating and translation studies.

Daniela Ţuchel, Ph. Her main line of argumentation foregrounds the idea that there is a high degree of tolerance of the target language text and culture towards the source language culture, hence the majority of culture-bound items direct references and cultural allusions preserved intact into the Romanian version via a policy of annexation, while neutralization is mostly due to an aesthetics of variability.

Titela Vîlceanu, Ph. Raising questions as to the stage at which norms are involved in the translation process, she expands the notion of norms by comparing it with other relevant concepts such as conventions and rules, to then discuss the impact of norms on translation processes to disclose whether they act as constraints or guidelines. Her study of norms troy magician speed​​ dating the translation theory entails the assessment of the translation act in terms of norm-governed behaviour and is sustained by examples from Turkish literature.

In the end, the paper underlines the impact of norms in translation processes, providing a sound ground for those who are interested in norms.

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Mine Yazici, Ph. On the contrary, they need practice and long hours of hard and steady individual study by means of which they could become conversant with cultural elements in both the source and the target language, thus being troy magician speed​​ dating to observe the inner structure of the discourse, and they constantly embark upon a sequence of cognitive operations, assuming the interpretive role of a semiotician.

Eugenia Alaman, Ph. Carmen Andrei, Ph. Galaţi, Romania The paper presented by Anca Gâţă and entitled Cross-Linguistic and Cross- Cultural Perspectives on Documentation for Translation: A Methodological Approach draws on class activities in documenting translation practice for methodological purposes in the context of a degree in Applied Modern Languages in the Romanian academic setting.

The main actions the students are prepared towards are: identification and collection of relevant linguistic and cultural information and resources; creation of production reports documenting translation activities.

In the proposed framework, linguistic information gathered troy magician speed​​ dating documented by students is of three types, i.

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Much stress is laid particularly upon conscious elaboration on these documenting techniques, as well as upon quantity and quality in the filed information chosen, on account of the contemporaneity of information and of the salience of cultural references, from a French daily newspaper article which provides a large amount of items for the documenting tasks. Anca Gâţă, Ph. In addition to that, the progress of science and technology, as well as the progress of humankind created new instruments of communication.

The French and the English languages are no exception to the travel of words through languages; that is why, the author points out, a learner of foreign languages should be aware of this linguistic phenomenon and beware of getting caught in the intricate meanings of borrowed words, accepted by the vocabulary and the culture of their mother tongue.