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PAVILION. journal for politics and culture / #15 HANDLUNG. ON PRODUCING POSSIBILITIES

All rights rezerved in all countries. No part of this publication may be reproduced or used in any form without prior written permission from the editor. The view expressed in the magazine are not necessarily those of the publishers. Courtesy: the artist.

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On Producing Possibilities 14 Handlung. Despre producția posibilităţilor. Maria Muhle Aesthetic realism, fictional documents and subjectivation. Alexander Medwedkin. The Medwedkin Groups. Chris Marker Realism estetic, documente ficţionale şi subiectivare.

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Grupurile Medwedkin. On Producing Possibilities. These stories may then be recorded in documents and monuments, they may be visible in use objects or art works, they may be told and retold and worked into all kinds of material. Handlung Is there a difference between actions and stories? The German term Handlung serves not so much as a translation for both words, but much sooner it refers to the very semantic level.

It is impossible to differentiate actions from stories, both meanings are intrinsically linked to each other and generate each other.

It is exactly this ambiguity of Handlung 1 that should be stressed here and be made productive. The 4th Bucharest Biennale suggests an experimental set-up to scrutinize different modes of action, possible courses and capabilities of action.

It will try to examine various stories, interweaved plots, and fictions and how all this is bound to or detached from concepts of agency.

How is agency proposed and what instructions for taking action are necessary or have to be developed? We will examine practices that criticize, rewrite, correct or queer established narratives as well as yet other forms that play with the set of conditions of constructing narrations and history.

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It will be about the appearing of things 2 in the blinding bright light that shines out of the public realm. With this project, we will investigate how, who, and where these [7] 6 possibilities of action are produced, how one can intervene in common patterns and how other and new possibilities of Handlung can be generated.

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In a critical manner, the set-up of this project will be based on the urban and spatial organization of Bucharest with its different historical and political layers and thus trying to examine how urban structures and architecture act as agents to allow, interdict and produce Handlungen.

The public sphere: Action, emancipation and dissent The public sphere - and therefore our whole living together - is structured through various forms of Handlungen. Handlungen have the very potential to make things visible, to find a form of communicating this, hence Handlungen are responsible for the becoming of the public sphere.

In other words it can be said that every single change, every single movement is based on different modes of action, which need to be narrated. Nevertheless, not everything that is happening or everything that one can speak about is automatically Handlung.

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In her book The Human Condition, published inHanna Arendt distinguishes between three major human activities: labor, work and action. This short definition shows that action is a very open and general concept, but it does not include all activities and every speech act and is, despite all similarities in Arendt s thinking, not equate to Aristotle s conception of politics.

Nevertheless, all this happens in the public realm and consequently the Greek polis can still be described as the clearest realization with its division in oikos private household for labor and work and agorá public space of the polis for action. We will see later how these parameters of public and private wacky fluturând brațul gonflabil flag tube man dating have changed and consider possibilities and necessities of their reactivation.

With Arendt, Handlung can be valued as the inner logic of emancipation, because it makes political action possible and finds a form to narrate it.

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Another interesting view - that touches on the recent state of democracy and on the possibilities of art in this context - linked to this is Chantal Mouffe s conception on the so-called post-political society 6. Mouffe s analysis takes its starting point at the absence of dissent.

She observes that there is a strong model of consensus located in wacky fluturând brațul gonflabil flag tube man dating centre of today s politics, arguing not only that there are no alternatives, but that the logic of consensus politics prevents any form of disagreement.

Nevertheless Mouffe observes a neverending dimension of conflict and antagonism - which she transforms in agonism that has a lesser enemy connotation - which is supposedly ever present in the radical heart of democracy.

This agonistic model can be one possibility in saving or establishing a radically democratic society that is based on various layers of disagreements, which are rationally accepted as disagreements.

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If today s official politics is not producing possibilities of actions and if a culture of dissent became extinct, the question then is: How can new possibilities of action - new possibilities of and for Handlung - be produced and what kinds of interventions are necessary to interrupt recent i. What does disagreement mean and how can it be applied?

How do we have to imagine and where can we find those agonistic models? Fiction, narrative and history At this point we have to remember that this text is about an exhibition, about artistic projects, 7 i.

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However, fictions become relevant as fictions, if we recognize the formerly facts also as fictions. It is commonsense to talk about the fact that not only the whole living together, accompanying every action, activity and speech act, is structured through certain rules and regulations, but also the way how certain things and circumstances are narrated in a prearranged way.

This distribution of identifications, representations and subjectivations is also based on a spatial organization and a distribution of spaces -be it private housings, public spaces, parliaments or borders. Art - and more general: fictions - can produce those narrations, but it allows doing so differently from the predetermined order, respectively breaking it and producing new forms as well as different models of identification.

Just recall the numerous events, which established breaks and discontinuities in the established order, not only in the artistic field, but for society as a whole: From Flaubert s novels over the invention of photography as an artistic practice and thus breaking with established forms of representation to such groundbreaking art works as Jacques-Louis David s Death of Marat.

Consequently, it would be mistaken to just concentrate on a particular outcome and the agency that a Handlung might or might not produce and how the notion of participation can be productive: the question of how narrations, and the resulting narratives, are constructed seems even more crucial, which also asks for an investigation in the connections or connector joints between the different actors and actions.

To put the legitimacy of a narrative into question examines the notion of actions at an earlier stage; it is no longer the substance of the action that is essential for its perception, but the modality in which it is narrated that is the examination of that which leads to and allows its narration.

With Hayden White we can argue that history is a verbal artifact, a narrative prose discourse: The content of history is as much invented and imagined as found. History can never be only factual, found and thus completely true, because at least the context of certain past events and lived stories wacky fluturând brațul gonflabil flag tube man dating actu- [8] [9] 7 ally occurred can impossibly be restored. We can no longer see the content of the past as if it were a series of found stories, but instead have to regard this as a piece of fiction, because the former is mistaking the narrative form in which historians communicate their knowledge of the past as actually being the past s own.

So natural is the impulse to narrate, so inevitable is the form of narrative for any report of the way things really happened, that narrativity could appear problematical only in a culture in which it was absent [ ] or programmatically refused.

The city of Bucharest as Handlungsraum 13 Every Handlung needs its particular spatial framework and produces space itself. It is again Hanna Arendt who conceptualizes public space as the potential space of appearance between acting and speaking men. The way in which Bucharest and its city structure is perceived today - that is its often unregulated, autonomous and rampantly amorphous development - goes back to the very beginning of the city and to each of wacky fluturând brațul gonflabil flag tube man dating dramatic breaks Because of this deep-rooted historical heritage and still intact structure, Bucharest can yet or again?

This disordered structure, characterized through undefined boundaries - even in the city centre huge areas were used for agriculture until the end of the 19th century - did not change until midth century, when at least for the inner city small changes in the style of Georges-Eugène Haussmann were made. This will wacky fluturând brațul gonflabil flag tube man dating an overall appearance and structure was again intensified in the early 20th century.

Unique urban landmarks like Nicolae Balcescu Boulevard as a coherent modernist architectural complex in the city centre have just been possible because there was no coherent and dating online wien old city structure established, which rooted in Romania s belated industrialization.

This absence of regulations and fabrics made Bucharest an experimental laboratory for modern town planners and architects. Even though many of the ideas got stuck at an utopian level, the ideas that were developed in the s and 30s in Bucharest were often based on models of communitarian division of space - without being yet connected to institutionalized forms of socialist architecture - and generally the city was understood as a space of possibilities.


Although, the largest change - for the first time due to an all-embracing and applied master plan - for Bucharest s structure occurred undoubtedly during Ceaușescu s period. In the s he propagated a new way of structuring housing and living, which was supported by the need for reconstruction due to a devastating earthquake in Supposed to realize socialist ideals, he proposed a model called unități structurale complexe wacky fluturând brațul gonflabil flag tube man dating organizational unitwhich is based on a vision of collective social life that collects habitation, education, leisure, medical care as well as commercial needs - of course on the lowest level possible - within one common facility.

Due to the split-up and the missing organizing principle of city quarters, there has not been something like public squares and places earlier; it was the communist regime who needed them now for representational use.

Ad hoc, they established huge squares for deployments and parades, just for the sake to stage and emblemize the regimes power and authority and thus spatially limiting and forcing possibilities of Handlung.

Again there was no public space for the people, meaning a space where gatherings and wacky fluturând brațul gonflabil flag tube man dating can take place and therefore the possibility of the visibility of a community - and the becoming of a community - could take place.

After the city changed again enormously and - once more without much planning - new structures are rising: Bad copies of western high-rise buildings in the centre as well as gated communities in the periphery are being build; at the same time communist block of flats are autonomously transformed according to the needs of the people and yet different housing complexes are squatted by those who cannot afford wacky fluturând brațul gonflabil flag tube man dating space.

And it is not the history or the typologies of these changes that are per se interesting, but the transitions that lie in between this distribution of space. There are different mentalities and guiding concept present at the same time, which offer different concepts and structures of public space wacky fluturând brațul gonflabil flag tube man dating thus distinct possibilities dating latinas online Handlung.

It could even be claimed that the autonomous and amorphous growing and self-developing character of earlier Bucharest s mahala is re- activated once more. Also through investigating spatial concepts and configurations of Handlung, the 4th Bucharest Biennale tries to make the above mentioned changes and activities productive. It will raise questions how established urban structures can be conquered and critically questioned as well as how interventions through appropriation, modification and communitybased participation can take place.

How can Handlung define and defend the public realm today? The German word Handlung will be kept - and its plural form Handlungen - in italic for the whole text, thus highlighting its different layers as well as its haziness. It is one of the most difficult and yet easiest words to translate: Action, activity, agency and participation, but progression, act, plot or story would also blitz dating graz perfect translations, but all of them are limited to one wacky fluturând brațul gonflabil flag tube man dating and only one - specific meaning and therefore unable to recall the different layers that cannot be blanked, because they are permanently present.

The significations of Handlung that go more in the direction of action and activity can be explained in separation from a more passive and unintended behaviour as something that is happening active and deliberately and is focused on organizing reality.

Whereas the term agency has an even heavier connotation of a thing or a person to produce a particular result and could be described as form of existence, which expresses the terms political implication. On the other hand side plot, story, etc. The definition of thing is based on Bruno Latour s ideas in his essay From Realpolitik to Dingpolitik cf. This is unfair to them, unfair to science, unfair to objectivity, unfair to experience. They are much more datând peste nettet, variegated, uncertain, complicated, far reaching, heterogeneous, risky, historical, local, material and networky than the pathetic version offered or too long by philosophers.

Rocks are not simply there to kicked at, desks to thumped at. Yes, but they are also a lot of other things in addition. If I talk about artistic projects here, I understand this in the broadest sense, which includes all the other aspects and projects that are taking place within this biennale and is thus highlighting the interdisciplinary approach.

It would go too far, if we would consider Blumenberg s thoughts in extenso, but his short text Prospect for a Theory of Nonceptuality in: Hans Blumenberg: Shipwreck with Spectator, Cambridge Speaking with Jacques Rancière, these are the moments in which politics happens.

Rancière speaks about la part de sans-part, which becomes visible in those acts of politics, which are in fact a new distribution of the sensible, a new order of different regimes. Chris Marker in this volume cf.

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For a more detailed analysis of this relation see Ludger Schwarte dating arheologic relativ text Performative Architecture: Setting a Stage for Political Action in this volume cf. I do not want to spend much time with historical facts and just highlight one of the major differences to other European cities in the middle ages, that is the absence of a city wall. Leaving aside all military consequences here, this uncommon structure has still some impact into recent days.

Through the nonexistence of a city wall, it is impossible to constitute the borders of the city and thus having a relatively diffuse notion of its spatial existence. It has to be mentioned that this conception is anything but new.

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Its roots can be found in modernity, if we think about Le Corbusiers unité d habitation and later on but still earlier than Ceaușescu in projects of Team Ten members.

Srdjan Jovanović Weiss describes those structures and transformation as turbo-architecture, according to the popular music genre turbo-folk, a very fast and eclectic mix of traditional East European folk music, Western pop music as well as techno and rock.

Despre producţia posibilităţilor. Tocmai din cauza reţelei deja existente de relaţii umane, cu nenumăratele ei voinţe şi intenţii conflictuale, acţiunea nuşi atinge aproape niciodată scopul; însă, pe de altă parte, din cauza mediului acesta, în care doar acţiunea este reală, ea produce, cu sau fără intenţie, poveşti într-un mod la fel de natural cum manufacturarea produce lucruri palpabile. Aceste poveşti pot fi apoi înregistrate pe documente şi wacky fluturând brațul gonflabil flag tube man dating, pot deveni vizibile în obiecte utilizabile ori în opere de artă, pot fi povestite, repovestite şi transpuse în toate felurile de materiale.

Hannah Arendt, Condiţia umană, [14] I. Handlung de Felix Vogel Există vreo diferenţă între acţiuni şi poveşti?

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Termenul german Handlung nu este menit să servească drept traducere pentru ambele cuvinte, ci se referă mai degrabă chiar la nivelul semantic. Este imposibil să diferenţiezi acţiunile de poveşti, căci ambele sensuri sînt legate intrinsec unul de altul şi îl generează unul pe celălalt.

Exact această ambiguitate a termenului Handlung 1 trebuie subliniată şi valorizată aici. A IV-a Bienală Bucureşti propune un cadru experimental în care să se studieze minuţios diversele moduri de acţiune, posibilele sale evoluţii şi posibilităţile acesteia.

Destine Literare (Literary Destinies) Aug. 2017

Va încerca să analizeze diverse poveşti, intrigi întreţesute şi ficţiuni, precum şi felul cum tot acest ansamblu este dependent sau detaşat de conceptele instrumentalităţii. Cum se propune instrumentalitatea şi ce instrucţiuni de punere în acţiune sînt necesare sau trebuie elaborate? Vom analiza practici care critică, rescriu, corectează sau nimicesc naraţiuni constituite, precum şi forme care se joacă aici cu setul de condiţii necesare dating tipul de rebound naraţiunilor şi istoriei.

These stories may then be recorded in documents and monuments, they may be visible in use objects or art works, they may be told and retold and worked into all kinds of material. Handlung Is there a difference between actions and stories? The German term Handlung serves not so much as a translation for both words, but much sooner it refers to the very semantic level. It is impossible to differentiate actions from stories, both meanings are intrinsically linked to each other and generate each other. It is exactly this ambiguity of Handlung1 that should be stressed here and be made productive.

Ne vom ocupa de apariţia lucrurilor 2 în lumina aceea orbitoare ce se revarsă dinspre spaţiul public. În cadrul acestui proiect vom investiga şi felul în care sînt produse asemenea posibilităţi de acţiune, unde se produc ele, cum poate interveni cineva asupra modelelor încetăţenite şi cum pot fi generate alte şi noi posibilităţi wacky fluturând brațul gonflabil flag tube man dating Handlung. Decorul proiectului de faţă va fi constituit, în chip critic, pe organizarea urbană şi spaţială a Bucureştiului, cu diversele sale straturi istorice şi politice, încercînd astfel să analizeze felul în care structurile şi arhitectura acţionează ca intermediari, ca agenţi care permit, interzic şi produc Handlungen.

Sfera publică: Acţiune, emancipare şi dezacord Sfera publică - şi, prin urmare, întreg ansamblul traiului nostru comun - se structurează prin intermediul diverselor forme de Handlungen. Tocmai Handlungen au potenţialul necesar pentru a face lucrurile vizibile, pentru a găsi o formă de a comunica asta, astfel că Handlungen sînt responsabile de devenirea sferei publice. Cu alte cuvinte, s-ar putea spune că absolut fiecare schimbare şi fiecare mişcare se bazează pe moduri de acţiune diferite, care trebuie să fie narate.

Cu toate acestea, nu tot ce se întîmplă sau tot ce se povesteşte este automat Handlung.

Femeile au o abilitate stricatoare de a face scene din nimic,si sa se arate ranite cand ele,de fapt,sunt de vina. Dash it allI am in charge.

În cartea sa Condiţia umană, apărută înHannah Arendt distinge trei tipuri mari de activităţi umane: munca, opera şi acţiunea 3. Conform opiniei lui Arendt, munca truda corespunde corpului uman şi necesităţilor vitale, în vreme ce opera corespunde caracterului nenatural al existenţei umane 4.

Acţiunea este singura activitate care se manifestă direct între oameni, fără a fi intermediată de lucruri sau de materie, şi corespunde condiţiei umane de pluralitate 5, şi tot ea este şi activitatea care permite pătrunderea în spaţiul public. Această scurtă definiţie ne arată că acţiunea este un concept foarte deschis şi general, însă nu include toate activităţile şi fiecare act de vorbire; în plus, în ciuda tuturor similitudinilor existente în gîndirea lui Arendt, ea nu consună cu concepţia lui Aristotel despre politică.

Totuşi toate se întîmplă în spaţiul public, prin urmare polis-ul grecesc încă mai poate fi descris drept cea mai clară împlinire a sa, cu împărţirea în oikos spaţiul gospodăriei private, pentru muncă şi creaţie şi agorá spaţiul public din polis, pentru acţiune. Vom vedea mai jos cum s-au modificat parametrii spaţiului public şi privat şi vom evalua posibilităţile şi necesităţile reactivării lor.