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Insulele nipone sunt formate la îmbinarea plăcilor tectonice: placa Pacificului și placa Filipinelor se scufundă sub placa Euroasiatică din vest. Japonia este situată deasupra zonei de scufundare, pe placa Eurasiatică. La îmbinarea plăcilor tectonice crusta pământului este instabilă, ceea ce explică numărul mare de vulcani din Japonia 50 activi și circa inactivi precum și numărul mare de cutremure circa pe an. Cu toate acestea, se susține că aceste lucruri contribuie la frumusețea peisajului din Japonia.

The MURC Process Rezumat: A number of improvements were identified by some industry leaders in relation to reducing both costs and slag generation in high grade steel production. The MURC process separates and therefore provides opportunities for optimization in the four dating nippon steel refining processes and in addition specific dating nippon on the converter-type methodology.

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To reduce costs and slag generation in the production of high grade steels at high productivity, it is necessary to develop processes that enable i refining steel at high efficiency with less flux input to decrease slag formation, ii simple and economical recycling of slag, iii elimination of the use of fluorine to meet the environmental quality standards dating nippon soil, and iv wider flexibility in raw materials selection and larger thermal allowance in reaction vessels.

For primary refining, desiliconization and dephosphorization of hot metal use of a torpedo car TPC had been applied in the past.

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However, since the pretreatment of hot metal using a TPC was inefficient, owing to the small reactive interface, the pretreatment time was so much longer than the cycle time of converter that difficult preparatory work was required to synchronize them. Under this condition, and in conjunction with the surplus production capacity of its converter, Muroran developed a new process called the Multi-Refining Converter MURC process whereby the surplus production capacity of the converter was utilized to deslag dating nippon decarbonize dating nippon hot metal after desiliconization and dephosphorization.

In addition, since the process has significantly increased the thermal capacity and eliminated the need for tapping after dephosphorization, it has become possible to use large quantities of scrap in the hot metal pretreatment process.

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In the Dating nippon process, the hot metal dephosphorization and decarbonization are performed in the same converter. Therefore, the deslagging ratio during intermediate deslagging determines the attainable turndown phosphorus content Figure 2. This means that it is important to form dating nippon easy-to-remove slag during desiliconization and dephosphorization of the hot metal.

Figure 1: Dentist datând pacienții process flow As seen in Figure 1, via the MURC process, desiliconization and dephosphorization are done under oxygen blowing, and then after discharging the slag that forms during the blowing, decarburization is done under oxygen blowing in the same converter vessel.

This process has a problem in that because of the intermediate discharge of the slag, as dating nippon as the cooling and solidification of the decarburization dating nippon for its reuse for the following charge, the productivity of the converter is likely to fall.

The MURC Process :: Total Materia Article

For this reason, in the study for enhancing the steel refining productivity, an operation practice was dating nippon for that would increase production, cut costs, and minimize slag formation, while maintaining a high hot metal pretreatment ratio, even during high production.

It is clear from the graph that, with slag hot recycling, the actual values of phosphorus distribution are higher and closer to the calculated figures, which means that it is possible to decrease burnt lime consumption by the amount corresponding to the excessive basicity of the recycled slag.

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